The Benefits of Living an Adventurous Life with Annie Rose Stathes

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I’m so happy to share this video with you today.

Annie Rose and I met over a decade ago when I was a coach in her Introduction Leaders Program at Landmark Education.

Since then, she’s been living a life of adventure, traveling the world, being an artist, educator and entrepreneur and surfing in California, where she now resides.

In this video, you’ll learn the following:

  • The juicy tips Annie Rose received from her guides that can help you solve any problem
  • How to shift your world view
  • What it takes to create change in the world
  • The benefits of adventure (check out this article about jobs in Costa Rica)
  • How to see beyond what you’ve seen before

Annie Rose is a delightful spirit with great wisdom to share. I hope you’ll dive on in and listen to this interview.

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Give yourself the gift of self-growth and take Annie Rose’s advice. How could you explore who you are in more depth? What constructs, or paradigms, are you living inside of that you think are real, that aren’t?

If you were to let go of one of those blocks or beliefs, what could you create? What could you start to speak into reality to shift your world and your view of what’s possible?

Share with us below in the comments two to three actionable steps you could take right now to shift your world view or explore who you are in more depth. We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for joining with me today!

All my love,


Rachel Claire

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