What Helen Knight has to Share about the Benefits of Reiki and Spiritual Healing

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It’s my honor to share this interview with you of my dear friend and colleague, Helen Knight. Helen is a Reiki practitioner and teacher and creator of Dreamtime healings, where she offers hands on, intuitive Reiki and healing to people.

Helen and I met in school at Psychic Horizons, where we both graduated from the Clairvoyant Training Program. In this interview, she shares about her spiritual journey, which has taken her from pain to wellness, and from Chile to the middle of the Outback in Australia, to finally being guided to offer her healings in Boulder, Colorado.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • How to heal from anything
  • The power of Reiki and what it could do for you
  • How to meditate and why that’s important
  • How to recognize guidance from the spirit world
  • The gifts of illness and chaos


Please click below and dive in!


To learn more about Helen Knight and Dreamtime Healings, visit www.dreamtimehealings.com

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