What You Can Do Right Now to Heal the World



May those who lose their way and wander

In the wild find fellow travelers.

And safe from threat of thieves or savage beasts,

May they be tireless and their journey light



The other night, a couple of days after the Paris events, I had a dream.

In this dream, I’m being held hostage by a terrorist, who in my imagination and dream life that night, took the form of Saddam Hussein.

As I was standing there, face to face with him, I was thinking…

This man can do whatever he wants to me. He has no conscience, no bounds to his willingness to hurt and harm. He could put me through my own most personal hell.

Turns out, my punishment was to stand for two hours. In the world of personal hells and punishments from terrorists, that’s quite a light sentence.

And, after all, I ended up just sitting there in meditation position for two hours instead.

I share this with you today because I believe that our dreams hold messages for all of us, and the more we share them with one another, the more we each benefit from the guidance we each receive in the astral dreamtime.

This is in our collective unconscious; the psyche we all share. That we could be met with an attacker, a terrorist, someone intent to do us harm.

And the sad part is that it’s true. If it can happen to one, it could happen to all.

It’s a bleak truth of the state of our world right now and it hurts into our deepest core. We all desire to be safe, to know that those we love are safe, and yet, each day seems to bring with it new risk or chances of harm being done to one we love.

It is my personal belief that we are spiritual beings here on earth having an experience meant to bring us home to light, wholeness and the truth of who we are: LOVE.

The Toltec wisdom says, as shared by the author of The Four Agreements and The Mastery of Love, Don Miguel Ruiz, that there are two tracks, love or fear.

Those who do harm scare us deeply because they’re on the track of fear. And as we imagine being coralled in a theater or concert hall, with few ways out, surrounded by people, and we envision someone open firing on us, we are stunned at the trauma. We feel trapped. Frightened. Full of fear.

It is my wish for every human on this planet, and every sentient being, that they experience lasting peace and joy.

It is heartbreaking to imagine those who don’t. Innocent people who find themselves at the wrong place, or wrong time.

It’s times like these that a spiritual perspective helps. I like to imagine that these souls knew what they were doing. That they chose to act their part to bring about some greater good for all of humankind. That this, in its hard to imagine way, was their destiny.

And if that hurts, or offends, then leave it.

What I think we can do is cultivate forgiveness and peace in our hearts, and choose the track of love, which includes all things and everyone. Even those who terrorize us.

The fear we feel is knowing that these people could face us with no love, no empathy, no compassion.

What we must do is show the way, shine the light, and meet their terrorizing acts of fear with great love and great empathy.

Then, from the power of our hearts, we heal the world in our own way. Please join me, in finding moments of silence to connect in with your deep heart. Radiate that outward, and include everyone and everything in your enveloping light of love.

A Course in Miracles says that we are either being love, or a call for love. Those who could do such atrocious things are only in deep pain themselves, sick with fear and calling for love. We meet hate with love.

And in this way, together, we heal the world.

Please click below and give this song a listen. I find it very healing.

Then, leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you. What dreams are you having? What wisdom in coming through for you to share that gives hope for humanity? Please post in the comments below. We’re waiting for your guidance.



All my love,


Rachel Claire

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