Learn What’s Really Possible for Your Life Through Doing Your Deep Work with Clairvoyant Natalie Cutsforth

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It’s my honor to introduce you to my friend and colleague, Natalie Cutsforth. Natalie is a clairvoyant reader and healer, and in this interview, she shares with us how she developed this part of herself, how she sees healing, and why it’s important to do our deep, reflective inner-work, if we are to grow on our path.

In this video you’ll learn about:

  • Soul agreements, what they are and who we may have them with
  • How to bring your unresolved energy to present time
  • How healing works
  • Benefits of seeing a clairvoyant
  • Who we’re communicating with on the other side
  • The powerful role of seniority in healing
  • How the psychic/healing path often begins
  • Benefits of psychic training and work
  • Natalie’s vulnerable invitation for you to live a more heart-connected life

I hope you’ll click play and tune in. In the end of the video, Natalie has a special limited time offer for those of you who’d like a gift and an opportunity to connect more deeply with Natalie and her work in the world.


Dive in, friend:



Thank you so much for joining with us today!

Visit Natalie’s website at https://nataliecutsforth.com/

Visit the following link to claim your free, limited-time copy of Natalie’s e-book:


Now, over to you. What juicy nuggets did you get from this interview? We’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and let us know you were here, and what your take-away is.


Much love,


Rachel Claire


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