Surprisingly Simple Ways to Nourish Yourself: Body, Mind + Spirit


It can be quite simple to nourish ourselves. Here are my favorite ways to fill up my cup, body, mind + spirit.

  1. Buy a diffuser and enjoy the healing impact of essential oils in your favorite room. I enjoy lavender, orange, bergamot, and forest blend.
  2. Duck in to your favorite day spa, or your local Whole Foods, and get a 20 minute head, neck and shoulder or orthopedic massage, check this location in Manhattan to find more.
  3. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers.
  4. Go for a walk.
  5. Take a bath with salts. Light a candle. Sink right in.
  6. Get a new guided meditation and create a sacred space + time to enjoy it.
  7. Get a pedicure.
  8. Buy a heat warmer and warm your feet, or any part of your body that’s cold, or ailing you. Feels so nourishing!
  9. Buy a new candle and light it when you’re at home.
  10. Set up a meditation area, complete with yoga mat, comfy pillows and a blanket. Leave it out so you can stretch and meditate any time inspiration strikes!
  11. Buy something new for your home. A great pillow, piece of art, a wonderful lamp, new blanket. Give yourself permission! God expresses itself through beauty!
  12. Buy yourself one wonderfully warm, new something.
  13. Try a new tea. Make the brewing process a ritual. Use a tea kettle, then a pot, let it steep, add some honey and lemon, curl up with a favorite book.
  14. Do morning pages.
  15. Change around your living room or an area of your house.
  16. Get rid of clothes or items that don’t have a home, that you don’t love, that you keep moving around.
  17. Make an altar.
  18. Sage your home or business space.
  19. Buy a new pair of delectable pajamas.
  20. Meditate.
  21. Color with a new book, fresh new colored pencils, and your favorite music on the stereo.
  22. Listen to Danielle Laporte’s free audio library.
  23. Tune into Hay house Radio.
  24. Pay someone to clean your house.
  25. Get your car detailed.
  26. Organize your closet.
  27. Change your sheets.
  28. Go to your local metaphysical shop, find a stone you’re drawn to, and read about it in The Book of Stones. Use it as a guide post for where you are in life.
  29. Go to your local natural grocers and try on different make-ups and lotions. Buy yourself something. Perhaps a new oil, or a wonderful, healing perfume?
  30. Put almond or sesame oil on your body and brush your skin. Then shower or bathe.
  31. Drink lemon water.
  32. Buy a lovely new house plant.
  33. Go to a yoga or dance class.
  34. Find a tree and sit with your back to it. Close your eyes + dream.
  35. Think of someone with whom you’re holding a grudge. Get over in their world, get the impact of YOUR behavior on them, from their view. Call them up and take responsibility, clean it up, own it, apologize. Life is short.
  36. Volunteer at a local school in a classroom with kids. Teachers need help.
  37. Call your mom. If she’s passed, write her a letter.
  38. Do your dishes.
  39. Turn on your favorite song and dance.
  40. Throw out all the toxic cleaning agents in your house and buy new, non-toxic cleaners. Pretend this is your contribution to charity- the charity of earth and your tender spirit. And the fairies, too.

There you have it. 40 simple ways to nourish yourself. I hope you’ll pick one and do it, especially if something on this list is new to you.

Now, it’s your turn. Leave a comment, participate and share one way you love to nourish your body, mind and spirit. Or, let us know which item on the list you’ll try.

I read all comments, so check back, too, I always respond.

Much love,


Rachel Claire

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