5 Ways to Call Upon Your Totem Animals and Receive their Messages

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I awoke this morning and pulled a card from my Angel Deck by Doreen Virtue. It was the animal totem card, urging me to call upon my totem animals.

I headed off to a healing trade with a colleague. I arrived to her office, set my intentions, and lay down upon her table. Just then, I remembered my card, and called upon my totem animal.

At that moment, she said, “A hawk just landed outside the window, see it there?” I looked over to see hawk.

Hawk Medicine:

Awareness, Perspective, Insight, Truth, Visionary Power, Guardianship, Strength, Initiative, Decisiveness, Creativity, Messenger, Caution, Maneuvering, Leadership, Spirit.


I got chills. Life is not what it seems to be and we are always receiving messages and guidance from the divine.

We are like Neo in the Matrix, we must rise above the mundane and realize that things are not what they seem, and if we pay attention, we may notice the glitch in the system and see beyond the veil.

Soon after, another hawk, this one a female, arrived to the branch of the tree just outside the window. I looked over to receive her image and let the blessing and the magic of hawk seep into my senses.

After my session, I looked up hawk medicine on-line. Here is one portion of a potent message I read:


Among Native American traditions, Hawk served the role of Mercury, bringer of messages and portents of change. Hawk reminded the people they needed to be awake and aware.

One of the greatest gifts a Hawk medicine person can give the world is their visions of a better and brighter future.

Visionaries are always ahead of their time and it’s not easy seeing what others are not ready to see.

Often these people are not honoured and recognized for their work and efforts until long after they have crossed over. And yet their work lives on to touch and enrich the lives of people the world over!

Honour the Hawk people you meet in your life. Encourage them to soar so they may bring their visions and messages back to earth that all may benefit.


I just wrote yesterday in this post about being a “harbinger of hope, a messenger with a ministry.”

This is a reminder for you, for all of us, to call upon the spirit animals of this earth for their guidance and power. We are never alone, magic abounds, and if we ask, we shall receive.


Five Ways to Call Upon Your Totem Animals:

1. Before you go to sleep, ask spirit to show you your totem animal in your dreams. In the morning, allow yourself time before you have to get out of bed to recall your dreams. Write down any feelings you have or dreams you experienced.

2. Sit in nature and ask your totem animal to show itself to you. Meditate. Be still. Then, open your eyes and see what you see.

3. Use a deck, like one of my favorites, Animal Medicine Cards, and do a spread to receive Native American animal spirit messages.

4. Do automatic writing. Sit down, say a prayer or set your intention and ask to have your spirit animal totems revealed to you. Just start writing.

5. Set the intention to know your spirit totem. Meditate upon your totem animal and just be open and curious. See what images, impressions or feelings show up. Notice if any animals show themselves to you, or if a particular animal shows up in images or conversations over the unfolding days or weeks.



Do you have this book? It’s a must read if you are interested in animal totems.

We are spirits, navigating this earth, let us call upon the gifts of God, the gifts of Creator, the guides and reminders alive and well on this plane, eager to guide us if only we are open to receive.



Leave a comment below and let me know you were here. What animal guides have shown themselves to you lately? What animal medicine are you working with?

In love and magic,

Rachel “Hawk” Claire 🙂


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