Do You Want to Develop Your Intuitive Side but You Have Fear? Start Here.

cropped-dreamstime_s_52286334.jpgSometimes people come to me afraid of their new talents coming on deck. They’re opening up to their intuitive side, they’re realizing how empathic they are, they just know things sometimes.

For some of us, this is scary. If we come from families that don’t honor intuition, or religions that down-right protest it, we can begin to feel fear, and then we resist these beautiful gifts that are here to offer great blessings.

The way I see it is that we’re all God infused with these possibilities. Some of us choose to open to it, study it, lean into it, and develop it.

Others of us resist, shut it down, turn away.

We are also God infused with choice. So, we can do what we wish with our talents. If we choose to lock them down, they’ll leave us.

If we choose to grow them, use them, and seek to understand them, they’ll change our lives for the better.

Most of us begin to realize our psychic senses by realizing we’re empathic. We feel other people’s emotions.

This is one of the ways I tapped in to my abilities. I was at a cabin on a weekend getaway with some girlfriends. I was sitting on the couch with one and touching her leg as we were talking.

When I went to get up, I said, Oh, wow, my stomach really hurts all of the sudden. She said, that’s funny, that’s how I’ve been feeling this whole time.

She mentioned that she ate eggs and that always happens to her with eggs. She herself suggested perhaps that I’d picked up on her. (She knew me well, I was lucky to have a friend who was so astute.)

I’d never truly considered it up until that point. I knew I felt the energy of a room. I knew I felt sad if others felt sad, but I’d never considered that it was this strong- that by touching her I’d actually take on her symptoms.

I decided to believe it. Sure, my mind could say, oh, ya know, I was just having a tummy ache, too. Yet, instead, I took it on. I chose to believe that I had that ability, those powers.

I tested them, turned toward them, embraced them and continued to believe. Then, I enrolled myself in psychic school.

Now, that’s one way I read people. After I tune in to your energy, I often have an ache where you’re experiencing pain or aches. At this point in my career, I’ve read enough people, and been right enough of the time, that I trust this ability totally.

I believe that we each have our own way we can interpret psychic information, and so I offer you insight to mine so that you’ll realize how it works. It’s not so bold as dead people walking around me, or seeing auras every where I go.

It starts with pictures (clairvoyance) then it goes to feelings (clairsentience) then it turns to knowing (claircognizance).

I trust what I see, feel and sense and I relay that back. That’s being intuitive.

So, if you’re interested in your own abilities, but you’re afraid, or don’t know where to start- I recommend you begin to think of it like you’re simply opening up your awareness. When we open our awareness of who and what we are, we learn that we’re love.

When we’re being love, we are being compassionate towards ourselves and others.

Being psychic is a lot like being compassionate.

To do the work I do, I sit and listen to you. That’s love. Then, I let myself feel your pain. Then, I acknowledge your pain. That’s compassion.

I don’t try to tell you that you shouldn’t feel how you do. I honor your suffering. I honor you. I give space for you to feel what you feel. That’s how we heal.

So, think of yourself as a great bodhisattva- a being of compassion, willing to listen, to be present, and to acknowledge and validate the suffering of others. When you do that, you’ll grow in your awareness and knowing about others and the nature of the soul.

That’s easier then saying, I’m psychic. So, start there.

And, if you’d really like to develop your abilities, then download my women’s intuition toolbox and do the guided meditation. You’ll run energy, cleaning out your field, so that more of your spiritual energy comes through. Then, you’ll better sense what you feel like and you’ll more easily create your desires, instead of carrying around the energy of others.


All my love,


Rachel Claire

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