Bust Through Your Blocks and Create the Life You Desire


There I sat in his office in his home nestled between the edge of the mountain and the rushing river. I was picking up stones and having him read the energy. Around here, they call him “Bobby the Oracle.”

He told me I’d spend much of my life empowering women around money.

I felt excited at the idea, but filed that away to mean someday, somewhere, far off in the future, when I’ve got all my $#%! together.

Then, I started working with a business coach. And somehow, in all our processing, we ended up having me create new content and programs around money. It was a natural evolution given who I serve, what we most struggle with, and where my unique abilities to coach + clear energy combine!

It feels like a “Eureka” moment for me! 

You see, being a psychic can be a very esoteric sort of thing. It’s hard to explain what I do sometimes. Clearing money blocks? Now that’s darn-right clear.

More often than not, after sharing who you are on a soul level, and the gifts + talents I see you have, I simply end up helping people clear blocks around relationships or money. Then, they create a new picture, goal, or “mock-up” to manifest new results moving forward.

So, it would follow suit that I’m now specifically creating around clearing money blocks! We all have money stuff!

I’ve been having power sessions with many women, and these conversations are so deep, enlightening + fulfilling!

What’s happening in these sessions is that I’m working with people to get to the heart of their money stories.

What did you hear, see, witness, and absorb as a young child in your home around money?

All those conversations, and all that energy, got into your subconscious mind and became your modus operandi.

To change our lives (in any area) money, relationships, confidence, we have to get to the root of why it’s not working in the first place. What’s really going on in our energy? What’s really running the show?

Once we can tune in and identify some of the stories running our sub-conscious actions, we can clear them.

There are simple, yet powerful, techniques to clear your blocks. You don’t actually have to live with your perceived limitations.

You can choose to change your energy, change your mind, adopt new, empowering behaviors and then, you will see new results!

I’m having a blast working with women right now to get deep into these stories, and then clear all of it through all time, space, dimensions and realities!

After that, what else is possible? What can we create now, when outdated energy is shifted? The sky is not the limit! There is no limit!

If you’re ready to bust through your blocks, whatever they are, then apply for a free strategy session.

I’ll listen deeply, offer coaching, give some tips, and tell you how we can continue to work together if you’re so inspired.

Our work together doesn’t have to just be about money. If you’re struggling most with relationships, we can work on clearing those blocks in just the same way. If you’re struggling, reach out and let’s clear that energy out of your system + your subconscious.

You’ll walk away empowered to continue to clear whatever comes up for you, and with a new plan of action to create what you deserve + desire.

You see, my passion + purpose is to empower women to have the lives they came here to live. That means rising to our fullest potential, unlocking our secret powers + reclaiming our birth rights!

Why? Because women who are free will create children who are free...and then we create a world in which there is love, empowerment, freedom, choice and lives that are joyful + abundant.

I know, now that I have a daughter, how much it matters that women be in their power so we can…

  • Stay home with our children
  • Set our own schedule
  • Work with our tribe
  • Feel financially empowered (which means you’re valuing you!)
  • Do work we’re passionate about that is heart-centered
  • Feel that we have more than enough so that we can also give back

Peace in the world starts in the home. Homes that have mothers and women who are supported, empowered, abundant, happy and fulfilled create children who are the same.

That, my love, is how we change the world!

So, get started today. Even though you may not know all your money blocks, you could begin by lightening up your energy + just having fun!

What could you do that would be fun + create more money right away?

If you’re having fun making more, then that light energy will continue to allow you to expand + generate more!

I’d love to hear from you. 

  • What talents or abilities do you have that you could use to create more money right away?

  • What guidance or awareness have you been ignoring that could assist you in making more right away?

Leave a comment below.

Here’s to you having it all + living an expansive, juicy, generative life and knowing you have and are enough!


Rachel Claire

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