What to Do When the Worlds Gone Mad

What to do when the worlds gone mad

It’s trying times. We’re on the verge of a revolution. Change. What’s hidden must boil up to the surface to be healed.

Killings. Mass Shootings. Racism. War. Bombings. Oil spills. Water rights. Every where we look, if we turn on the news or tune in to the media, we see a world full of terror.

Most of us, the majority (I assert) want peace on earth. We want to love one another, to get along, to create a world of sustainability and where everyone has enough to thrive.

So, what do we do when we’re living in times like these? Some days we might want to take to the streets in protest. Others, we want to rant on social media. Some days, we might wonder if it’s really worth being here anymore at all.

No matter what’s going on out there, we must be right here, right now.

To start, we can turn off the tv.

Then, we can sit, and breathe. Bring gentle attention to the out breath.

If we can practice, or meditate, in the midst of rage, and anger and boredom…then we can cultivate a practice where within we can find peace, solace and non reactivity.

We can meet people who are aggressive with breath and patience. We can slowly change the world from within to without.

Your suffering, my suffering, their suffering, it’s all the same. It’s suffering. We can bring loving kindness and compassion to ourselves, to the part of us we hate, and to the one in front of us evoking rage.

We can practice, day in and day out, brining this power to our own lives, here and now. As I wake up and embody my enlightened nature, so do you, and so does everyone.

I’m reminded of a quote by Mother Theresa where she said she wouldn’t protest against war. She said: “I’ll join in when it’s for something, but not against.”

So, with this wisdom, we know…don’t protest…don’t resist or revolt. Find the middle way, right here, right now. Bring awareness to this moment. Bring presence, breath and love to yourself and whomever you’re with.

Step in and up for love. For kindness. For compassion. Watch the world as you would a movie on a screen, a projection, almost as if not real, for from a spiritual perspective, in some ways, it’s not.

Imagine that you’re an infinite being, a spirit, embodying human form to learn. You have karma, they have karma. Pull back. See the big picture. Know that even if they die, we can remain calm, and kind in this moment.

We can know that they go on, that this is an earth school or sorts.

Best that we not get to wrapped up and carried away with rage, revenge, aversion, or desire. Better that we remain attentive to now, to breath, to our body, and what’s happening inside. Sit with what arises. This is what’s happening.

If we react, revolt, have aggression or passion, then we’re swept up in the drama of life and we lose our center. What good can we be if we’re stark raving mad?

Calmness in the storm will always be of more service. An ability, developed over time through practice, to breathe, even when we want to jump up and kill, will always be better.

I know it’s hard. These times are sad. Have compassion in your juicy, red, alive heart.

Feel for others. Send out love. Sit. Do yoga. Dedicate the merits of your practice to the world, from your cozy little peaceful mat, in whatever corner you reside.

Don’t feel you must join the masses and lift up your arms.

You’re a warrior, no doubt, a warrior of love, for sure, but not of chaos and rage.

Be strong, Warrior one, and carry on

All my love,


Rachel Claire

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