How to Heal Yourself

How to Heal Yourself: A 4 week class with Boulder Psychic Rachel Claire
I’ll never forget the day I walked in to my first ever healing class at Psychic Horizons, in Boulder, Colorado. 

There were about five of us in a small room with one window. A beautiful stream of sunshine was casting light on a wall. We sat in circle and began to ground, and run our energy.

This was the first time I ever did this and it’s cemented in my mind forever. 

I felt so peaceful, so calm, so different from when I’d walked in.

Then, she said something that surprised me. Which is great, because I’m hard to surprise. She said, “Invite in your healing master.”

I was like, huh? What? Did I miss something?

I thought I had missed an important class, but I couldn’t have, as this was the first required course at this school.

It was the way she said it, so nonchalantly, with such certainty, like we all had a healing master and we could just ‘call them in.’

That class was the first of many and began me on a healing journey that is still unfolding to this day. 

It’s because I said yes to that class that I am now writing to you today. If I hadn’t chosen to spend my time in that class, I never would have realized my abilities, found so many like-minded souls, gone on to spend over a year in the Clairvoyant Training Program, and now be a full-time Clairvoyant Healer.

If you had asked me my intentions that day, walking in to that school, I couldn’t have told you that I would end up being a psychic.

No way. At that time I was a full-time school teacher and thought I would be until I retired or died.

But a spark was lit within. Something became possible. I gained senority in my space, (come learn what that means!) certainty about my abilities, and courage to be me, on my own, apart from my family, my friends, my colleagues.

For the first time in my life, I came home. Home to myself. I began to understand what it meant to be a spirit in a body. More than that, I began to fully realize my potential as a spirit in a body and began to use my powers to create magic in my world.

There was no going back. Life would be forever changed.

After my training program, I left my teaching career. I started a little business called The Boulder Psychic out of a coffee shop on Pearl Street.

I invented a new possibility for my life all because one day I had a hunch, just a nudging, that I should really take that first class.

It was called, How to Heal Yourself. Now, I’m teaching it to you. 

Since that class, I’ve spent hours with other students studying the tools. I took a year long Clairvoyant Training Program as I said, then I went on to take advanced graduate classes.

After that, I began to teach these methods to clients, and I’ve been doing that now for the last three years.

It’s time to take it to a larger audience. It’s time to join and do these ancient, but “cutting edge” woo-woo classes to a group setting, where we can join together, practice ancient, feminine healing arts, and rise up.

You see, because here’s the thing: we can’t really do anything for others, we can’t teach, heal, lead, show up, contribute to, anyone else if we’re not in integrity ourselves, doing our own work.

And I don’t know about you, but I think I’m here on purpose. And the crazier things get out there, the more I know I must go in, here, to my rich inner-landscape and till the fields until they are nice and ripe for planting.

This way, when times are tough, we can be steady, calm, empowered, and know that no one can make us lose our center. From that place, we can truly heal.

There’s no better time. We’re heading toward the Winter’s Solstice. The days, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, are getting shorter.

The night is long and dark, and this is a perfect time to go within, cultivate rich soil in your heart, and in your energy field, and in your mind.

Now is the time to plant seeds, so that you may nurture them in the winter’s rest, plant them in the springtime and reap in the harvest.

This practice I invite you in to is ancient and old and so incredibly important for your feminine soul. 

Connect with me. Connect with your sisters. Show up. Be here. Join us. We’re waiting for you. And, so is your healing master. 

In this class I’ll teach you how to…

  • Connect with your healing master
  • Ground your energy
  • Run various types of energies through your body for healing
  • How to work with your chakras and set your crown chakra and energy in your space
  • How to rejuvenate your spirit + your energy
  • How to heal old, stuck patterns in your system
  • How to get rid of other people’s energy in your space
  • How to be senior in your space (your energy being the predominant energy)

All of these tools + techniques will help you to…

  • Be more confident
  • Know your purpose
  • Let go of pleasing others
  • Feel centered + calm
  • Know how to move energy to feel better
  • Know how to heal yourself, your clients, and your children
  • Be more psychic
  • Be more present
  • Feel peaceful
  • Attract more of what you desire

I just wonder, if so much was possible for me that day just from choosing this class, what will be possible for you?

A small change right now, creates a huge shift down the road. If you want something different in your life right now, all you have to do is choose it.

Choose one new small thing, that will make all the difference down the road. 

That’s what happened for me. I made a small choice to show up to a class on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Now, my whole life is unrecognizable.

Will you choose this today for your future self, down the road? I bet she’ll thank you!

Finally, if your’e on the fence and not sure, ask yourself this question:

Is it light or heavy? When you imagine joining us for these classes, does it feel light or heavy? If it feels light, exciting, expansive and generative, then say YES!

If you can’t even tell how it feels, then it’s time to choose this class. You’ll be better able to feel your body and know when it’s speaking to you!
I hope you’ll join us. 


Here’s what you’ll receive:


  • 4 weeks group coaching/live classes
  • Time for Q&A
  • Recordings of all calls
  • Bonus meditations/audios + clearings
  • Powerful affirmations


…And, when you register before Tuesday, November 29th, you’ll receive a 1:1 power session with me.


Register for How to Heal Yourself here.



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