The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents

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The birth of a baby launches us as teachers of Spirit.

One day I was perusing the aisles of a used book store, a favorite pastime of mine, and came across Deepak Chopra’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents.

This book is modeled after his runaway hit, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

I opened the cover and read a page and was blown away. There before me laid out a philosophy for teaching children about spirit and the laws of the universe in a simple, relatable way. More than that, there were daily practices for modeling and guiding children to take time out for stillness, silence, gratitude, reflection and appreciation of nature.

I bought this book quickly and have enjoyed reading it, again and again, as I prepare for the day when my daughter, Sophia, can talk. Right away, I’ll teach her of the spirit world, of her innate gifts, of the gift she is to me and so many others and the possibility for her life.

Deepak says all these principles that he teaches can be boiled down to one precept:

Every child needs as much mature love as you can give.

He says, “What makes love mature- and not just adult- is the spiritual intention behind it.”

Is this not true for everything in life?

What makes or breaks us, is our intention. That’s how we can convey love and create connection, or create distrust and disease. Intention is how we create our dream life, manifest our desires, or attract our good.

What I love most are the sections where he shares developmentally appropriate practices for children, In addition, he gives routines and practices for the days of the week.

For example, Saturday, is the day of “Dharma.” 

Today we tell our children, “You are here for a reason.”

On Saturday we agree as parents to do the following:

1. Ask each one, “Where are you right now?”

2. Encourage their unique talents and abilities.

3. Invite them to perform an act of service.


The laws, written out simply for children, can be good for adults, too.  I’ll lay them out for you to ponder:

What would your life be like if you lived according to these laws?

First Law: 

Everything is possible.

Second Law: 

If you want to get something, give it.

Third law: 

When you make a choice, you change the future.

Fourth Law:

Don’t say no, go with the flow.

Fifth Law:

Every time you wish or want, you plant a seed.

Sixth Law:

Enjoy the journey.

Seventh Law:

You are here for a reason.

Oh, how beautiful. Let’s take those in for a moment, shall we?

What promise, what love, what benevolence would we feel from a loving supportive universe, or God, or Great Spirit, if we truly believed these to be true?

They are called Laws for a reason.

They are absolute. Resolute. They govern life.

So often when I work with clients who struggle because they feel alone, abandoned, hopeless.

What if you truly studied these laws, lived as if they’re true, and taught them to the young people in your world?

Imagine if you grew up knowing these laws in your bones. What would your life be like?

I imagine it enables and encourages a child to feel loved, cherished, cared for, capable, powerful, and here on purpose with a mission to serve, to love, to give and to experience the joy and love available in life. How awesome is that!?

So, as you make your new year’s resolutions, or create goals for yourself and plant new seeds, keep in mind these laws that govern our lives and see if you can find ways to bring them in as practices in your daily life.

If you’re feeling down, depressed, like you didn’t accomplish yet what you most desire, or like you’ve not fully lived out your purpose, or Dharma, set up a practice or schedule to allow yourself to study these laws and make them a part of your life.

Consider reading or re-reading Deepak’s books. 

If you have children, if you’re not already, what would be possible if you incorporated practices of spirit?  What would be possible if you put more intention towards nurturing the inner life of your children, setting them up to know that not only are they a body, but they’re a spirit, too? An infinite, capable, powerful, purposeful spiritual being with a great deal to contribute.

That’s surely a gift that keeps on giving!

As always, I love to hear from you, so leave a comment below and tell me, have you read this book?

Do you have favorite texts that are supporting your spiritual life? Post a comment and let us know what you’re reading. We’d love to know! I hope you’re creating lots of time to snuggle under blankets, drink yummy drinks, and devour inspiring books!

And finally, I hope you’ll read this book. My deep wish is that all children everywhere experience their power and beauty through the loving, gentle, guidance of a conscious adult. 

All my love,


Rachel Claire


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