Why Tidying Up is So Life-Changing and How You Can Finally Have What You Truly Want

Space clearing, grounding, healingThe other day I was really frustrated about something and I found myself mopping my kitchen floor. A friend called and I said, “I don’t know why, but this issue has got me finally cleaning my floors.”

Recently, I was listening to a great audio on psychic awareness by John Holland and he was talking about someone who said that cleaning is really grounding and that if you really want to get grounded and connected to the earth, clean your toilet.

I loved this because in my line of work, I can spend a lot of time in my higher chakras, which means I’m pretty airy fairy. Grounding is a necessary tool in my toolbox, but I didn’t consciously realize that day that mopping my floors was grounding me as I went through an emotionally challenging situation.

I wanted to share this with today, as I often counsel people to ground by imagining a tree trunk, or to use your imagination to work with other energy tools, but today I want to say that maybe scrubbing your toilet is a perfect way to get you earthy, grounded, and to help you clean up your life, physically and emotionally.

I believe that our environment has a powerful influence over us. If we live in a messy and dirty space, it’s hard to feel joyful and creative. We have too much clutter, we’ll subconsciously feel bogged down.

The first steps to changing our lives are simple things, like finally letting go of what we’ve been holding onto that we no longer love. Why would we let that take up space in our energy field?

This year I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I found out that it really is life-changing. Here’s what happened for me.

I began to go through all of my stuff and anything that didn’t bring me joy, I let go.

Soon, I wasn’t willing to stop. I became insistent that ONLY things that uplifted my spirit and brought me joy were allowed to reside in my home!

After eight years of having the same furniture, I sold my couch and bought a new one.

Then, I noticed that beautiful over-sized chair my mom’s friend had given me ten years prior. She said, “You can have that if you promise to never get rid of it.”

I realized that I was living under an oath of pressure I’d made years ago, and that subconsciously that chair was reminding me, everyday, that I owed her something and I mustn’t let it go!

I sold that chair.

Then, my mom bought a beautiful new entertainment center for my living room, along with a nice flat-screen television.

Now, everything else needed to be upgraded, too.

You see, we’re willing to tolerate a lot of things in our lives. Ya know the drill…how many piles of junk have you walked past for weeks, months or years? How many broken things are you hanging on to that you’ll supposedly fix one day?

The reason that book is actually life-changing is that if we truly choose to only allow ourselves to be surrounded by things with a high and joyful vibration, we’ll have a total upgrade in every area of life!

Once I had that new television, then I needed the couch. Once I had the couch, the chair had to go. Once I had that space a new ottoman came in. After that, I got a new rug.

Now, my house is full of things I absolutely LOVE. I find joy, peace, and beauty in my home. I have no tolerance for putting up with crap, junk, or holding on to other people’s things out of guilt.

That’s a huge upgrade.

Space clearing, clutter clearing, cleaning our toilets, these things create an energy that permeates our physical lives and our energetic boundaries (Aura). Upgrading our lives, allowing ourselves to have what we love, eliminating junk, and stopping tolerating clutter creates a new level of awareness, new choices, and a new level of havingness in our world that is absolutely transformational. I have had a client who, although not feeling as fulfilled in her live as possible still found a sense of satisfaction after a long day working for a Toronto office cleaning company. I understand now, why the job held so much meaning for her despite being also being a hurdle.

So, if you’re stuck, the first place to look is in your home at your physical space and things. What messes are you tolerating? What would it be like if you cleaned that up?

How’s your toilet? What energy could you create if you scrubbed it clean? Do you think that could ground you and change your life?

Sometimes, changing our lives is a lot simpler than we think. It’s throwing out that gift we got that we don’t like. Or cleaning up that pile of paper.

By finally relating to our environment, we can create awesome changes in our energy, which can permeate out and impact the whole of our lives.

So start with your physical reality. Get your home, car, and office all cleaned up. As you engage with your reality, you’ll change your energy field too, which is key to attracting the kind of experiences and people you desire.

Now, it’s your turn. Leave a comment below. Let me know, what have you upgraded in your world? What did you finally allow yourself to have? How did it feel?

To upgrading your whole life,


Rachel Claire

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