How to Use Our Power as Women

How to Use Our Power as Women

I caught part of a special on Bill + Melinda Gates and Melinda was speaking about the cause nearest to her heart- access to birth control for women. She shared that she has heard the cries of the poor, and they’re crying for birth control.

In that moment, I realized the plight of women for thousands and thousands of years. I saw myself as a poor woman, a religious woman, a woman of the ancient past- who had no choice but to birth her babes, no matter how many she had and no matter the circumstances. Rape. War. Slavery. Child brides married off.

And it hit me. If you wanted to deny the feminine her rights, if you wanted to keep her from truly embodying her power and waking up, you’d keep her pregnant and having children.

One child had me feeling broken. In all the best ways, heart broken open, and in all the hard ways, too. Hips stretched. Flesh torn. Vulnerable sadness. Tiredness. Fatigue. Desperation.

If I had many, many children; if I had children back to back, if I had no choice in the matter, if I had been raped, or was expected to bear children without any contraception because the church deemed that my purpose + my duty- this would be a life of hardship. Sacrifice. Challenge.

I admire women. I admire women who have children. I really admire women who have multiple children. I admire women who have no children.

And, my mind still doesn’t fully understand how one could keep up with having multiple children. That’s a lot of energy. That’s a lot of vulnerability. That’s a lot of heartache, heart break, possible joy and possible sadness.

There’s nothing like the journey of a mother. There’s nothing like growing and birthing life.

And, as a woman, the most important part of it for me, is my choice. The choice I made to have my child. The choice I may or may not make to have more.

When I imagine poor women in other countries who don’t have access to quality health care, who can’t get contraception, who are having many, many children and can’t feed them all, or adequately care for them, my heart hurts.

Melinda said that women begged her to take two of their children. When Melinda said she couldn’t, they pleaded with her to at least take one. 

Can you imagine? How desperate do you have to feel to try to get someone to take your children away?

And here’s the thing. If women can’t handle caring for their children, if women are so burdened that they DON’T even want them, then those children feel that, and grow up with that, and are more likely to be children who are unattached, insecure, and become violent criminals or beggars on the street.

What a great way to keep people down, and under control. Keep them impregnated like cows lined up to be milked. Keep them poor.

Keep them desperate. Have their children grow up to feel unwanted + loved. These are not people with the bandwidth to rise up and start a revolution. No, these people are holding on for dear life, doing their best to not go insane or, worse.

It’s a tragedy, really. And it’s heartbreaking.

A great way to keep women down, have power over them and ensure the patriarchy continues is to limit their choices, limit their access to health care. Keep them exhausted, body aching, tired, self-sacrificing and poor with little time left to think of anything other than keep their babe’s alive.

I wish I could say uplifting, positive things about governments, or organized religions, or the richest people on the planet, but unfortunately, right now, I can’t. So many of them are choosing to fund war, and greed, and corporate profit, at the expense of human hearts.

And it’s not necessary any more. And I’m ready for our thinking + our actions to change. And it’s time. And we must wake up!

I love to inspire you and uplift you, but today, it’s flowing through me to remind you to not look to the governments or organized religion for your salvation. I don’t believe they care about you. Perhaps George Carlin said it best.


To be an instrument of change on this planet requires great love and courage. And great love is not always rainbows and puppies. Great love is sometimes reminding ourselves of the tragedy, seeing the plight of the poor, knowing that those among us are being treated like savage beasts and denied rights, and speaking up.

Great courage is being willing to face the truth, even if it sucks and it hurts.

We don’t have to dwell there, it doesn’t have to remain our dominant energy or vibration, that would do no good, but we must pay attention, we must be aware, we must wake up, we must realize that as women, we come from a long line of being denied, suppressed and controlled, and it’s not over!!!

We must realize it’s no longer appropriate to rely on government to fix our problems, for more than ever, they’re the source of those problems! We must see that these people we’ve elected are NOT helping- they are not using resources to help the poorest among us to thrive. They are corrupting and pillaging and raging for greed.

When I hear our President say that we need to spend MORE MONEY FOR WAR I see a man who is totally out of touch. 

In a long history of repressing women, governments and religion have done many things to keep women from truly reclaiming their power and waking up. It’s time. Those of us who are lucky enough to be here, in countries like the US, where we have access to choice and health care and contraception, have a responsibility to educate, to speak, to share, to teach and to assist others in waking up, taking back their power + making choices that empower.

We can start with AWARENESS. We can start by telling our truth. We can start by not buying the lies.

And perhaps most importantly, we can start by connecting in to our center. Healing our own pain. Forgiving. Letting go.

We MUST do our work to heal, to let go, to use our energy tools to ground and center so that we can SEE the truth, and make choices that create awareness!

You can start here with my FREE guided meditation for healing in my Women’s Intuition Toolbox.

In this day and age, there is NO reason we can’t take care of every body and anyone who says we can’t is lying.

What will you do to raise your voice? What will you choose because you can? How will you take your power back now?

How we use our power, as women, is up to each one of us, individually. However, before we may use our power, we must take it back. Let us no longer believe that anyone, out there, is responsible for us, or will solve our problems. Let us know that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Let us rise up, together, in sisterhood, and CLARITY and TRUTH, for all of those who need us most, now!

Hail to the King, Hail to the mother Goddess- I see a day when ALL of us are honored and revered. Loved and supported. Protected and defended. Where the earth and woman are held in the highest.

Oh, Great Spirit, I see it now and am grateful for it now, and so it is.


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What can we do? How can we change this? I’m so tired from being up with babe I don’t even know. 😉

All my love,


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