Waking the Witches

Waking the Witches


I’ve been reading this great book. It reminds me of what I do on the daily. I call myself a Clairvoyant, but I guess I’m actually a witch waker.

The same themes are happening with my clients and women who find me.

It goes something like this…

  • They’re having spiritual experiences
  • Crazy dreams
  • Receiving messages from the dead
  • Seeing shadows out of the corner of their eyes
  • Opening to their healing abilities
  • Having an increased desire to serve

However, these parts of ourselves often never got validated when we were young, and for many of us, they still don’t receive the validation we require to nurture a new part of us.

Start talking about angels, white light, Reiki or mediumship courses in some circles and they’ll think you’re weird. More than that, they’ll actually think you might be crazy.

Here we go again.

We women have done this before. We’ve been burned, beheaded, jailed for talking to spirits, walking in nature, healing with herbs, or knowing a little sum’n about sum’n.

Women’s power has long been feared, and I get it.

Anyone who grows life in their belly + births a human is truly badass and beyond comprehension. 

However, this isn’t the 1500s anymore and well, we’re tired of those old ways. However, we’re also still traumatized, scared or at least afraid of what you might say this time around.  We see those white supremacists. They come for people of color, they come for your religion, and they come for women, too.

Regardless, what I know for sure is that the women are waking. We’re realizing our spiritual gifts. Oneness with Creator. Healing abilities. Life-giving ways. 

We’re claiming that power, delineating from old paradigms + programs, we’ve outgrown them like tight clothes.

Yet, we’re tired of being looked at that way. We really don’t like being called crazy.

Ancient, deep, wise, powerful, YES, but crazy…get off it.

So, I’m part of the new wave of spiritual light workers here to wake the witches and stand firm in our power and assert that we’re allowed to take up space, speak our truth, practice our wily ways and get on with our evolution. 


So, if you’re…

  • Feeling a deep yearning inside to be a healer, teacher, psychic or guide for others
  • Having a spiritual awakening
  • Gaining new gifts
  • Ready to embrace those gifts + hone them
  • Desiring to start a spiritual biz but don’t know how
  • Being met with invalidation from others + would like to find other like-minded souls
  • Ready to invest in your future and make a drastic change to create the life you’re dreaming of


Visit here + book a free call with me: https://theboulderpsychic.com/YES!

You’re not alone. You’re not crazy. There are others like you. The world hasn’t all gone mad. Join me.



Rachel Claire


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