You Can’t Create Anything New Without Vision


The other day I was on the phone with a client and she reported that after our initial session her pain had gone away.

She was feeling great about that, but her mind kept asking the question, “Now what?”

So I repeated that back to her…”Now what? Do you know?”

She said, “No.”

She honestly didn’t have any idea where to go from here.

I smiled and said, “This is the best part. This is the juicy part. This is what it’s all about…


You get to create it from here. It’s all up to you. Your vision. What would you like to create?


Abraham talks about that we’re deliberate creators, come forth, on the cutting edge of consciousness, to create.


However, many of the women I talk to lately don’t have a vision.


They’re not clear where they want to go. Sometimes, they tell me they haven’t even thought about it, or that no one has ever asked them that question.

I find that tragic, and totally understandable.

We’re pretty quickly taught in this world to fit in, be nice, do what others are doing, and by the way…


Artist’s starve.


When we have big dreams or hair-brained ideas, there’s often someone around to pull us back and tell us why that’s not likely, nor probable.

So, over time, our wild, free, innocent, joyful child self grows up and becomes a responsible adult with dead dreams.

Sounds good, eh?

No. No, it doesn’t, does it?

After I assist my clients in cleaning out all the old thought forms, paradigms, belief systems and energy from their family that told them what they couldn’t do, and what wasn’t possible, and where the caps and the limits on their creation lie, then I help them craft the vision for their future.

This is what being psychic and clairvoyant is all about. As we develop our sight, or vision, we also develop the capacity to see new possibilities for our lives and those of others.


To get where we want to go, we have to realize that we’re a conscious creator.


We have to realize we have choice. We have to realize that life isn’t happening to us, but for us, and that we get to say what we experience.

This is actually quite a radically spiritual idea. To believe this, one must believe that they’re not a victim. Victim consciousness is favored by many, but it’s actually one of the lowest places on the totem pole.

Rising up, growing in awareness and choosing things like self healing and radical responsibility open us up to healing our relationships and, best of all, HAVING POWER!




So, if you’re not currently experiencing the reality you’d like to be experiencing, start with forgiveness. of self and others. Start a spiritual practice. Meditate. Clean your space. Write. Engage in creative expression.

If you’re seriously clinically depressed, see a doctor. Get the support and resources you need to physiologically be well. Don’t feel you have to go it alone. Healing ourselves doesn’t mean BY ourselves.


Finally, know that you’re a conscious creator and you get to create your life.


Start to vision. Imagine. Feel. Create pictures. Sit with what it would be like to live your dream life. We all need something pulling us forward.


Answer this question:


If you could wave your magic wand and have your ideal life, what does it look like in terms of career, relationships, health, finances, home?


Know that anything is possible. Know that you can change your life. It starts here, today, right now. You’re always once choice away from a new forever.


All my love,


Rachel Claire

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