Why I Cringe When People Say, “What’s Up With the Energy Lately?”

Why I Cringe When People Say, "What's Up With the Energy Lately?"

Don’t hate me for this post. If you do this, I still love you. I just had to write about it. It’s my truth.

Very often in spiritual circles, or at least amongst people who are into energy, it’s common to hear someone say:

Wow, ‘the energy’ has been so HEAVY lately.


What’s been up with ‘the energy’ lately, can you feel that?


There’s a BIG shift in energy lately, have you felt it?

This drives me bananas.

A. We are energy. Information that moves. The energy you FEEL is YOUR energy, or that of those around you. If you’re in the habit of working with your energy, cleaning + clearing your space, raising your energy, then what’s happening “out there” doesn’t really impact you.

I’m going to tell you a secret.

I pretty much always feel REALLY good. Pretty much every day I wake up like, Wow, thank you, God. Wow, breath. Heart. Body. Food. Warmth. Love. Trees. Sky. Air. Yay!


My secret favorite song is Hakuna Matata…it means no worries, for the rest of your days…


And let me tell you, my only angst is often around feeling guilty for feeling SO good.

I know there’s suffering. I know people are starving, dying, don’t have clean drinking water, I get it.

And still, I feel joyful and grateful and thankful and blessed.


So, I believe that ‘the energy’ that we feel is the energy that we CHOOSE to feel, to cultivate, to grow, to emanate, to vibrate with.


Also, the other issue I have with these blanket statements is that other people who DON’T feel the “shift” you’re talking about can feel invalidated, further diminishing their belief or confidence in their intuition + awareness.

The energy you’re feeling has everything to do with your life, your choices, your vibration, the people you hang around with and your LIFE.

If I am experiencing a period of discomfort, or growth, or sadness, or pain, then I FEEL it. I work with it. I do my practices and I get SUPPORT.

You can get support too, start here with my free women’s intuition toolbox and start cleaning your space so you can feel what YOU feel like. When we’re running our OWN energy, we feel GOOD!

Finally, stating that we are feeling a certain way because of somthing happening outise of ourselves perpetuates the belief that we are victims, or at the effect of outside influences and have little control over what we feel.

I think this is a slippery slope, as I truly believe that we are powerful creators and we get to create our own experiences, starting with how we choose to feel, what we focus on, what we think about, and who we surround ourselves with.

Though astrology and Mercury Retrograde and all these influences may have impacts on energy or our experience, ultimately, at spiritual beings tapped into source energy, I think we are much more powerful than that.

So, if you think the way you FEEL is because some planet out there just went retrograde, I’d encourage you to anchor into your self + see if you can get radically responsible for your own energy + how you feel and change it. 

To all of us feeling GOOD even when it’s HARD, and knowing that our EXPERIENCE is a DIRECT RESULT of OUR ENERGY and that if we don’t like what we’re feeling or experiencing, we are the only ones who can change it.



Rachel Claire



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