Why You Don’t Have a Money Problem

Why just focusing on money is a big mistake

If you say you want to be a business owner and you have a big purpose + you want to make a difference on this planet, and you’re ready “yesterday,” and then you say that you have no money to invest, no resources + aren’t willing to spend money to make money, then you’re living in a fantasy.


Show me one successful person who made it big, or fulfilled their dreams, or grew a business who didn’t put anything into it. 


Before you can have the kind of success you really want, you have to get over your money blocks, your poverty consciousness, your fear that you won’t be held or supported by the universe.


And here’s the truth: It’s not about the money. 


It’s never about the money. You don’t have a money problem.


You may have a mindset issue. You may lack the creativity to get curious about how resourceful you could be. 


But truly, money is just an easy excuse we use to get off the hook and never create our dreams.


We’ve learned that most people will leave us alone if we tell them our sad money stories, or that we have no money, or that we’re in debt, broke, or on welfare.


So long as you’re playing small, you don’t have to be accountable, responsible, or generative.


You have the perfect excuse to stay stuck, play small and never push beyond your comfort zone.


And, you have a really good reason why, so when you lie to yourself, you feel justified.


However, it still hurts + sucks because you know what’s worse than never feeling like you have enough money?


Never stepping fully into your truth, your power and owning your gifts to contribute in the BIG way you know you want to in the world.


  • So, would you be willing to own how powerful you are?
  • Would you be willing to give up all the excuses you wear like a security blanket that keep you safe + small?
  • Would you be willing to trust life + assume positive intent?
  • Would be willing to believe in faith + grace?
  • Would you be willing to live like what shows up in front of you is the answer to the questions you’ve been asking + the prayers you’ve been praying?


If you want a BIG dream, you have to play BIG. You have to step out of your comfort zone + do something you’ve never done.


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P.S. It’s not about the money






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