The Secret to Social Change May Not Be What We Think

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. A celebration of love. It’s, after all, who + what we are.

I’m sorry that in the USA there was also another school shooting. It’s scary + sad. 

When things like this happen, we naturally have a variety of responses. Sometimes we choose to turn away. Shut if off. Not look.

Sometimes we choose to feel it all + cry + pray. 

Sometimes, it’s far from home, and sometimes, it happened to us, or our neighbor, or a friend.

However we feel or respond, it impacts the collective consciousness + we all are subject to feelings of despair, sadness + anger.

It’s tempting to get into the material world— join debates, voice our point of view, be outraged with politicians or gun makers + promoters.

I do it, too.

However, it’s also important to have a spiritual perspective + take a step back. If we really believe we’re spiritual beings, and we have a body, and this life is an earth school, where we’ve all come forth to learn lessons + grow our soul, then we must look at what happens here with a sense of neutrality.

I know. Neutrality? That’s a tough one. 

Yet, if we think about it, losing our faith, or our center, doesn’t really help, does it?

Placing blame or attacking, doesn’t really help, either, does it?

What does help?

Have you heard of the tipping point or the 100th monkey effect?

These are example of how it’s possible to effect social change. 

I believe if more of the light-workers + healers on this planet continue to be aware + raise their frequency + vibration + meditate + get right within themselves, then we can create massive social change, from an energetic place, rather than from a place of warm, opposition, violence or manipulation.

I too am outraged sometimes at what I see happening with our president, or congress, or in Washington, but every time I get involved, I feel off center.

I always come back home to the truth of the power of this moment, this breath, this heart. 

And as long as I breathe in peace + breathe out love, as long as I stay awake + aware + do my best to love, then I’m good.

From a spiritual perspective, it has been said that we each come in + sign up for our soul contracts + we know when, where + how we’ll die. 

What if that’s true?

What if each + every soul in that building played a vital part, consciously, and from choice, to be a part of a bigger game plan, that forwards social change + the consciousness of humanity?

What if there are no victims + rescuers + no perpetrators?

If you’ve ever been locked in dramatic relationship cycles, or been in a abusive relationship, than you might know the drama triangle.

It’s a lose-lose for everyone. 

Thoughts like these are controversial. We want to cling to our rage + desire for justice.

However, pulling out of the material, and putting some attention on the spiritual, knowing that there is no death, + treating all events as neutral, gives us a HOLY powerful place from which to effect drastic social change on an energetic level- which may be the real secret.

Wherever you are in the grief cycle, however you handle grief, I’m okay with that. And, I invite you into your holy truth, your holy center, and to act from there.

The secret to social change? It may be less like rage and more like stillness. It may be from your meditation cushion + propelled from NEUTRALITY + being connected to the light.

All my love,
Rachel Claire



P.S. If you don’t have a practice that works for you, I have a wonderful guided meditation for getting grounded, centered, replenished in your own energy + feeling good. Get it here:

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