How to Heal Ourselves + Have Better Boundaries

How to Heal Ourselves and Have Better Boundaries


I’m getting ready to host a LIVE webinar on How to Heal Ourselves. I’m so excited!

As I’ve been sharing on social media, someone posted the question:

What if there’s nothing to heal from?

Then she went on to state that she believes in embracing the dark, our shadow, and not judging any emotions as “higher vibrations” than others.

I was caught off guard, as I FULLY agree! 

Did she think I did NOT believe in those things? 

Anywho…I got off social media, as apparently, my quick comments while jacked up on coffee were not translating well. Instead, I turned to the paper + pen.

I LOVE shadow work, embracing our dark feelings, like anger, rage, jealousy- I believe these are all powerful pointers to what needs to be “healed.”

When I’m talking about healing, I’m NOT talking about judging, fixing or NOT being okay with who + what we are!

I’m talking about validating our truth, our soul’s essence, what we feel we came here to do this lifetime!


How joyful can we have it? How much abundance + love can we receive?


It helps to have a context- as I’ve learned, context is decisive!


My definition of healing is VALIDATION.


When we’re seen, when we’re validated for who + what we are, we are healed.

Another word for this could be a MIRACLE.

A Course in Miracles says that a miracle is correct perception…

and that, there is no order of difficulty in miracles.

When we see one another for the TRUTH of what we are- LOVE- the ONE ENERGY THAT PERMEATES ALL…we are seeing correctly.

That is HEALING. It’s a miracle…it’s correct perception.

So, when people say to me, “Oh, we don’t need healing, we’re fine as we are.” I say, “Yes, that’s true.”

How we are is fine. And does that mean there is no work to be done, no awareness to be had?

Does that mean there are no choices to make?

Choosing LIGHTNESS, choosing for ourselves, CHOOSING our awareness, honoring ourselves, validating what we are asking for and receiving and have MORE of that is a conscious choice and part of life and part of healing…

So perhaps when I speak of healing, I am speaking of wholeness...of making more room for us to show up in our lives, letting go of past programs, energy, other people’s desires, and letting us run the show!

I’m also NOT speaking of judging ourselves for our darkness, pain or shadow. I’m speaking of seeing that, embracing that, allowing that to reintegrate. That’s WHOLENESS.

I’m also speaking of walking through the world with more NEUTRALITY, not being so knocked off center by what we experience, but finding the way to be the rock in the river.


In Access Consciousness, they call it, “seeing everything as ‘an interesting point of view.'”


In my experience, there is healing energy. I’ve felt it in my heart, my body- my mind.


When someone sees me, honors me, acknowledges me…I feel safe, seen, heard, validated. THAT is what I mean by healing.

Not that you’re broken + need fixing but that we all have more room for choosing to see the HOLY SPIRIT, the miraculous, the TRUTH OF DIVINE LOVE within ourselves and others ever more clearly + ever more frequently.

Perhaps, since I feel I’m always on a bit of a healing journey, the idea that there’s “nothing to be healed” triggered me.

I get that we’re all perfect, whole and complete. I know there’s nothing to fix.

I know that in the mind of God, we’re all one and perfect…but we’re dealing with an error in our minds, and to me, there is healing to be had there, to shift us to correct perception.


What is healing FOR YOU?


Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!



Rachel Claire


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