Our Biggest Responsibility in These Times

Our Biggest Responsibility in These Times


Is becoming who were capable of being really our **biggest** responsibility in these times?


Read the quote below before you decide! (It’s a great one from THE Marianne!)


“Today, living our our greatness takes on an urgency beyond fulfilling our individual dreams. Bringing forth our greatness is critical to the survival of the species; only if you get to live out your potential and I get to live out mine will the world be able to live out its own. Since limited thinking produces limited results, supporting others in believing in themselves helps to move the entire world forward. And becoming who we’re capable of being-regardless of other people’s opinions of us- is part of our responsibility to ourselves and to God. Unless we’re supporting the emergence of greatness in the people around us, we’re not doing our full part to help heal the world.”

~Marianne Williamson, The Gift of Change


And, I wonder…


Have you felt like “Who am I?” to bother, to be a healer, teacher, reader, coach…I mean…LOOK! There are SO many!

Do you feel that there’s more meant for your life, but you just don’t know if you can really HAVE what you imagine??


Do you have prophetic dreams? Deja Vu?


Do you get easily overwhelmed with ALL THE THINGS and FEEL what others feel? Do you know when people are lying to you?

In your family of origin were you the “black sheep” and you STILL get off-center around your family members?


Do you have a hard time saying, “NO?”


Do you tend to over-give, of your time, money, energy?

Do you feel that in some ways you’re stuck, blocked, and you know that the way your life looks right now…well, this just can’t be it. 

When we feel this way, we often are tired, we want to avoid, we are full of fear. We have so much to give, but we want to do it in a way that feels honoring to ourselves + others, we want to be living in alignment with our heart, using our gifts + RECEIVING too!


We want to hold space for others, but instead we blow up, yell, get mad, or just avoid. 


We don’t have tools for connecting in with our energy, so we can realign quickly, or we don’t know how to easily clear the energy of our space or ourselves, we’re left carrying the emotions for others for days, weeks, months or even years. 

Before we know it, we have mounting debt, weight, or strained relationships that we’re STILL putting up with, in the hopes that someday, someway,magically, it’ll all work out.


Yep. That future will solve it all. 


So it’s okay for now to just not work out, not end that relationship, not face our finances…not quit our job…

We’ll just watch television, or zone out, or self-medicate in some other way.


Can you relate?


This is what so many choose to do…so many who I say are talented healers, who NEVER got validated, and still aren’t being seen by those around them.

If you think you’re different, you’re NOT NORMAL, you believe in energy, and healing + feeling + love + compassion, I’m talking to you.


Imagine waking up in the morning and having space to enter your day slowly. 


Having time to do the things that help YOU connect to YOU!

Having tools to clean + clear your space + replenish so you feel like you + you can hold better space for others.


Imagine using your gifts to heal + assist others in seeing their true gifts + beauty + FINALLY feeling seen + FULFILLED. 


Imagine having the courage to cut those cords, release those relationships, leave that job, and finally say, “NO THANK YOU, not today!”


Changing our lives, healing, having healthier boundaries + thus healthier relationships, is easier than one might think. 


It starts within though, with telling the truth to ourselves + others + honoring ourselves + our word. It starts with being willing to change our energy.


But, even before that, it starts with honoring ourselves as ENERGY first, realizing that we’re SPIRIT first, and when we change on a spiritual level, all else follows.


Trying to change your circumstances alone, won’t change your life. 


If you’re ready to make serious changes within, with your own energy so you can heal your spirit first, so your SPIRIT can heal the body…


This is for you. 


A course in miracles says that all will hear the call, but only few will answer…


Is it time to answer the call?


Ready to bring forth your greatness? 


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All my love,
Rachel Claire


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