You’re Spending Time on the Wrong things in Your Spiritual Business

I know, it might seem a bit direct, but you want the truth, right babe?

If you’re like any of the women I work with, you might be spending time on the wrong this in your spiritual business. These efforts will suck your energy + keep you from getting the results you really want- clients + cash-flow!

The Wrong Things to Focus On…

  • Your logo
  • Your business card
  • Your social media
  • Your website
  • What you call yourself
  • 1:1 Sessions

I get it. When you’re just starting out, there’s so much vying for your attention. Every where you look someone will tell you something you need to do to build your biz, and sometimes, its conflicting advice.

Let me assure you that spending time on the above, before you actually have a coaching package or program to sell, or before you’ve got a strategy to get clients, is a waste of time.

You want to get clients in the door.

In order to do that, you have to package up your services into a bundle that you’re not selling for peanuts.

If you’re selling anything less than $700 you’re stepping over money to create shiny objects that will keep you working hard + strapped for cash.

Starting a business can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to get caught up in the details of creating content and designing a website. The speaker, who experienced this firsthand, spent a lot of time focusing on writing blogs and creating email campaigns, all while neglecting to bring in clients. It wasn’t until they shifted their focus to creating a strategy for attracting warm leads that they saw real success in their business.

A strategy for lead generation is crucial, and it involves more than just having great looking sites and content. While having an attractive website is important, it’s also necessary to have a plan for engaging with potential clients and turning them into paying customers. By taking a strategic approach to lead generation, entrepreneurs can save time and energy, and see better results in their bottom line.

If You’re Just Starting Out…

If you’re a healer, coach, psychic, medium, Tarot Reader, Reiki Practitioner or Master…and you’re just starting out…bundle your 1:1 sessions into a package.

Take your base rate (which should be a $100 or more for an hour at least) and then discount (but don’t ever use that word!) the bundle.

For example, if your 1:1 rate is $150, bundle 6 sessions over the course of 2 or 3 months + charge $749. (You want to end in a 9, read about the magic of pricing with 9.)

Start selling this higher-level package.

Why? You can’t offer the transformation your clients really desire in a one-off session. To really do the work you’re meant to do, and to create incredible results, you want to work with people over time.

This builds up your clientele, gets your clients great results, gets you testimonials + builds your confidence.

What Should I Be Focusing On?

You need to have a strategy. You want to have a way to bring clients in the door. Call it a system, call it a funnel, whatever you call it, you need one.

Let me ask you a question…are you selling consistently?

If not, you likely lack a lead generation strategy.

How are you going to get clients to warm up to you so that you can build a relationship over time?

The answer? An email list.

The reason I say it’s even a waste of time to focus on your website is because it actually only exists as a lead generation machine. You want people to come to your site and then you want them to convert- that means that they opt-in to your email ist.

Why? You have about 30 seconds before I click away. If I leave, I may never come back. You must have a way to capture me. That’s a free gift. Also called, a “Lead Magnet.”

You know the drill, you’re likely on a bajillion lists. The question is…are you building your own?

If not, you must.

If yes, then do you have a way to connect with them?

I highly recommend Strategy Sessions.

Call ’em what you like…(Discovery, Breakthrough) but you want to have them.

This is a fantastic way to start talking to your ideal clients and find out what their problems are and what they need.

This helps you to create valuable content + products that they’ll want to buy!

Also, you’ll practice having transformational sales conversations + learn to convert warm leads into clients! Cha-ching! Then, you have a real business!

You can’t really sell anything for over 2k from your website. And, putting up a bunch of offers + hoping they’ll sell is actually a thing. It’s called, “Hope Marketing” and it doesn’t work.

If you’re new, it’s time to get your feet wet, and connect with people. Getting on the phone is one of the fastest ways to get yourself in business.

You can start selling at price you feel comfortable with + then raise it the next time you sell it!

That’s what I did! I went from selling $549 packages to $749 to $999 to $3k and beyond!

If I can do it, you can too!

Here’s to your success!

All my love,


Rachel Claire

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