Rejuvenating Bath

I want to share this amazing bath with you I found in one of my favorite new books, Awakening Beauty, the Dr. Hauschka Way You’ll need a minimum of thirty minutes. Draw a warm bath, cool enough for a baby.  Add one lemon with slices in the skin to release the juices and squeeze the lemon into the water, then leave the lemon in for the bath.  Add one cup of organic, non-pasteurized milk (good luck finding non-pasteurized and please let me know if you do!) one egg, again, organic.  Then, slowly create a figure eight with your hand in the water to activate and soften.  Once the water is soft, you are ready.  Stay in for only 7-10 minutes.  Upon leaving the bath, keep warm, go directly to bed, and rest for twenty minutes.  You will feel so nurtured and rejuvenated!  This practice has been such a beautiful way to take time to nurture myself and really relax.  Enjoy!

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