How to Really Forgive

I know, this sounds cliche and you’ve heard it all before. Throw this dog a bone and come in a bit closer. Do you really know the secret to living from the heart?

One word.

Three syllables.

Not a movie. Not even the title of a book.

Yet, it’s the key to unlocking all our heart’s.


To forgive.

To give as it was before.

We must truly forgive others, for everything, if we wish to have nourishing relationships and live heartfully.

I think I am a bit of an expert in the realm of forgiveness.

A father who was a drug addict and abandoned me at two, forgiven.

A lover who lied, slept with other women behind my back, forgiven.

Humiliation and betrayal from a friend, forgiven.

Physical abuse, forgiven.

I have sunk to the lowest of the lows and unraveled, praying to God to carry me. I have sobbed the deep, heart wrenching, gut breaking sobs for a thousand women, for the rape of our children, the pillage of our land.

Forgiven. It is all forgiven. And the secret to really knowing why you must forgive lies in the deepest spiritual truth of all: There is no other. As Debbie Ford says, “In this holographic world, everyone is you and you are always talking to yourself.”

How Forgiveness Heals:

You are source energy, and as such are a conduit of source energy. When energy is freely flowing, you are radiant. There is no barrier to what’s possible.

When you judge, you contract and the flow becomes less.

Judgement is contraction.

Forgiveness is a choice for peace.

Each moment is a possibility for a new choice, a new way, a new thought, a better feeling thought that can heal us in all directions, throughout all of time and space.

When a thought arises of a pain, or judgment, it is present now and then there is a moment of choice in front of us. We must choose again.

When that criticism or judgement arises, be with it, notice it, feel it and then consciously release it. Let go. Say out loud, I extend forgiveness. I free you to be yourself. I bless you.

Then, be done with it.


Rachel Claire

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