What You Need to Know About Women


Women, how often do you think about your safety? When was the last time that you were afraid for your physical safety?


What you need to know about women is they are often concerned for their safety.


For men, since they are the bigger and stronger sex, they do not often think about how safe they are. Yes, it’s true. As a result of their bone density, even much smaller men are stronger than a physically larger woman.

For men, it is probably hard for them to remember the last time they were afraid for their physical safety.


For women, the last time they were afraid was probably today.


I just discovered this by listening to Understanding Women by Alison Armstrong. Up until that point, I just thought I was slightly neurotic.

Never mind that when I walk alone at night I often chant in my head, I am safe. Or, that on a day-to-day basis I am often thinking about whether I am safe, wondering if it’s safe to drive, am in a safe place?, or if a particular person is safe.

Until I heard that this is an instinct in women, I thought I was crazy.


The bottom line is that  Am I safe?, is always a concern for a woman.

Instinctual behavior is not a choice. It is a reaction, involuntary and run by hormones. We instinctively know that we are dependent upon men for protection, as the half of the population that is smaller and weaker.


Try it on for size, just consider that we, as women, actually are weaker.


I know, the post-feminism, power-house of a woman that you are squirms at this sentiment. Is it not true, though?

Consider that we are weaker and then ponder what that means for you as a woman. Yes, I know, many of you will defend and say that you are not afraid, you do not need a man, you are not weaker.

For some of us, though, the truth is, we do feel fearful for our safety a lot of the time and we do rely on men to be our companions, protectors, providers and we feel safe in their space.


This is not sexism, it is simply an evolutionary trait and biological instinct that we women posses.


I do like to be provided for by a man and do feel that there are many men in my circle, lovers and not, who serve as my protectors when I am out and about in the public world.

I appreciate having strong, big men around and I know that with their presence I am safe, much safer than I am if I am walking alone down an abandoned alley.  It’s just a fact.

So, I wonder, women, how tuned are you into the fact that you think about your safety quite often? What does it feel like for you to realize that it is an instinct and quite natural for you to be fearful for your safety much of the time?


Comment below and let me know how you feel about this.


I know for me, it felt like relief to realize that the amount of time I spend thinking about my safety is quite normal, common, and actually built-in.


What does it feel like for you to be in the presence of strong, powerful men capable of protecting and holding space?


Do you relish the comfort, or do you feel repulsed by the idea that as a woman you might have a biological instinct built in that has you dependent upon a man to provide protection for your safety?

If you are interested in this topic and ready to be blown away by the research and study of Alison Armstrong, check her out and get your hands on a copy of Understanding Women!


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