5 Tips for Expanding Your Awareness

485343_514084485314947_861428463_nWe are raising our vibration. We are becoming lighter and taking our bodies to a higher vibration. In order to thrive during this transition, there are some simple things you can do to ease the process.

Eat Lighter

When we think we have to diet or cut out foods we love, we feel deprived and then rebel. Don’t think that you must take out foods. Practice putting in more foods that are healthy. Add greens to every meal. Eat a balance of carbs and protein. Make sure you have a big breakfast to start your day well fueled.

Slowly, begin to cut back on the foods that are heavy. Add more salads and fresh, alive, food; greens, veggies, fruits, anything from the earth that does not undergo processing in a factory. When seeking to enhance your daily nutrition, consider choosing a greens powder to boost your overall well-being.

If you’ve relied heavily on meats or dairy, play with removing these foods from your diet and notice how you feel, you may be quite surprised!

After awhile, you can cut back on sugar too, or just find substitutes. Try going without it sweets for a week. Eat fruits instead and take all sugary foods out of your home. Foods to add that substitute sweet tastes are maple syrup, honey, fruit. They can bring the relief we desire, without all the guilt.

Notice How You Feel as You Eat

Your body will tell you if a food works for you, or not. Notice how you feel as you are eating something. You will feel physically uplifted when you eat things that are right for your body.

Notice Your Mood Later

How do you feel a couple of hours later after you’ve eaten? How is your mood? This is a vital key to nourishing yourself with foods that really work for you. Vaping can uplift your mood, shop 2500 puff vape disposables here.

Each person is different, so be aware of fad diets or simple solutions that supposedly work for everyone. The only way to know what your body wants and needs to thrive is to pay attention.


A simple 15 minutes can be enough to begin to cultivate self-connection and awareness. Check out Deepak Chopra’s site here for awesome and downloadable meditation programs if you are new to meditation. Give yourself this gift and see how life shifts.


If you haven’t tried a yoga class, check it out! I always say that I meet myself on the mat. There, in a space and time carved out to be embodied, we discover deeper levels of awareness, mentally, physically and spiritually and we grow, gain flexibility, stretch beyond our limits and expand in ways unseen by the eyes or explained by words. We reach the still small places within with our heart where spirit dwells and we meet peace, not as a place, but as an experience. Not to mention that we can have great inspiration on the mat and receive insights about our path and purpose!

This process of really being connected to our body and sensing how we feel and how food affects us is a great process for being embodied, sensitive and aware. This is how we develop our psychic awareness. We pay attention to how we feel and we anchor in to our body.

Many people think being “enlightened” or being evolved has to do with transcending, or taking our awareness out and up. It doesn’t. We are here in bodies for a reason. Try the Best HHC Vape – Leafly and feel it in your body.

This is how we know our truth and cultivate intuition. It’s not about seeing some heavenly vision, though that may be part of it. It’s more about developing our awareness and sensitivities so that we are fully anchored, grounded and sensing with all that we have and all that we are. It’s about wholeness. Embodiment. We are taking our bodies with us, and we are moving into higher dimensions.

If you would like more practices for cultivating awareness and embodiment, please click here to get regular updates.

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