The One Question We Must Ask


Hello Dear Friends,

This is my newsletter that went out a week ago. I want to share it with you here today. I hope you enjoy, there’s a great book I  reference near the end that I want you to know about. Perhaps you’ve read it? Read on to know the one question we must ask.

So often people write to me on Facebook or email and they say, “You seem to be doing really well. Everything seems to be so great for you!”

I’m always appreciative of their positive reflection and yet, I pause when I hear something like this, for we are all human, we all have our shadow and our pain to feel and work through, none of us is exempt.

Don’t think that it’s all roses over here!  

It’s not. In fact, I want to be clear, in order to grow in the way that I have- leaving my career, taking a risk, growing a business as an entrepreneur, coming out as a psychic, all of this is possible only because I have been willing to sit and face some serious pain.

A very real part of the spiritual process is when the shadow is brought to the light and transformed. We are all wounded and we all fall prey to the shadow side of human existence.

In fact, this is why I write you of this theme today.

A very close friend and I had a disagreement. I realized this was the first time, in all the years that we’ve known one another, that we’ve ever had an argument.

The shadow sides of us came out to play.

It didn’t go well.

I was hurt.

Before long, I could see we were two wounded kids attempting to justify our side, whilst triggering the other person, in the process, to feel defensive.

The spiritual text,  A Course in Miracles, says that we are never angry for the reason we think we are.

What may seem to be a wound from the hurtful ways of a friend, is really just a trigger, rubbing the buttons of our shadow parts and eliciting a response, probably in place since we were very young.

Regardless of where our wounds came from, we are responsible for them now.

We are adults.

We must atone to heal, that is to say, we must take responsibility for our part in it, to have peace. We can never insist that another accept blame.

As Marianne Williamson says in The Shadow Effect:

“Ultimately, the healing of the world will emerge not from our changing and correcting of others, but from our willingness to change and correct ourselves. Since all minds are joined, our ability to self-correct has a corrective influence on the entire universe. In a very real way, it’s the only thing that does.”

Here it is, the one question we must ask:

The true seeker says, “What is my part in this?”

We may know that, but how do we really do that work, when the rubber meets the road and we are down-right pissed?

I’ve got a tool for you and it works.

First, ground yourself!

Sit, with your feet flat on the earth, deepen your breath and create a grounding cord beneath you, as wide as your hips, cylindrical in nature, and see that it connects to the center of the Earth.

Flip an imaginary switch to “release” and intend that all energy that no longer serves you leaves your body via this cord and goes into the Earth to be transmuted.

Next, set your aura space- imagine a sphere around you, and as above, so below, tuck it in to your grounding cord, three feet below you.

Then, cleanse your aura by bringing in soapy bubbles, or asking your angels to heal your aura, or do whatever moves you!

Finally, create an imaginary rose in your aura bubble and intend that all the energy of this situation go into that rose. Imgaine the person’s face on the rose. Send that rose out to the center of the universe and pop it!

You are not being mean, or causing harm. You are simply removing energy from your space so that you can be centered, clear and neutral.

Try it and see what happens!

The more we allow for our trigger NOT to be tripped, the more we cultivate real power. (Click to tweet)

Sometimes, we need some crafty tools to assist us in not getting lit up by other people or outside situations.

These tools will help.

For other ways to heal yourself and be embodied and move energy, visit my FREE resources page. Click here.

In the end, we are all human, and we all lose our cool. And, there are simple practices we can do that will help us react less and less, so we can can experience miracles!  The Course says that a miracle is correct perception.

Correct perception is knowing that only love is real.

Next time your friend or lover flips, or someone seemingly goes crazy, see the truth of who they are, under the angry monster that may be appearing in front of you.

If a small child were crying, we would not think they were horrible. When adults freak, we think they are crazy.

Meditate with these tools regularly and gain in patience and power, so when your loved one is trippin’, or all the world’s ablaze with fear, you can be the light that sees the truth of who they really are, or what’s really going on, in the midst of other’s pain.

Maybe next time, they’ll do that for you.

It only takes one adult for the distinction of adult to be present.

Together, we heal. Moment by moment. Relationship by relationship.

You do it for you, I do it for me, we set ourselves free.

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All my love,


Rachel Claire

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