The New Earth is Imminent, Are You Coming? 10 Ways to Be Ready.

imagesDearly Beloved,

The time is upon us.

I feel it. I bet you do, too.

For the first time ever, we humans are taking our bodies with us to a higher dimension.

You might feel strange, anxious, crazy. Perhaps you’re experiencing heart palpitations, or other physical symptoms that your doctor can’t help you with.

The process is already occurring, we are going, it’s happening now and your body is adjusting.

Not everyone will be with us- some will be left with the old Earth, left to work out karma. They’ll join us, someday.

Those in fear will stay. Those who aren’t aware, or don’t believe, won’t come.

Are you coming with us?

Wake up, shine your light, meditate and prepare yourself.

The way you will know that it is happening, that we are evolving, awakening, transcending, is that you will see things with fresh eyes.

You will know the truth under the lies.

You will see what’s real and value peace, collaboration, connection, over competition.

You will see where the systems are failing, you will no longer believe the hype designed to increase fear.

You will turn to your brothers & sisters around you.

You share your love & resources more openly.

You receive that which is rightfully yours with more grace.

You have mastered a level of self-care & love that was once unknown to you.

You look for solutions over dwelling on problems.

You arise in the morning knowing that you are blessed to live this day, you have a mission, there is work to be done, and as long as you are here, there is hope.

You let go of things you don’t love, and pursue your creativity, passions, purpose.

You know that there is great potential for the power of our creative hearts joining together.

You know, that in the end, love wins.

You’ll notice, slowly, that things are better.

Your money fears are easing as you trust in the divine creator.

Your relationships are improving.

Your desires are manifesting.

Synchronicity abounds.

I notice that, do you?

I feel happy. Lighter. Free.

I feel excited.

My relationships are deepening, strengthening.

My love life is rich and beautiful and supportive and succulent.

My work is flowing in like rain, new opportunities that feel like dreams coming true are arriving upon my door, with ease & grace.

I am eating well. Feeding my body.

I am walking, doing yoga, moving, dancing.

I am celebrating in community, with ritual & rites.

My creativity is soaring to new heights.

How good can we have it?

How easily can we manifest heaven here on Earth?

I wish blessing of ease & grace to you, and if you are struggling in these time, please schedule a session with me (click here) or check out my free tools to move your energy and revitalize your space. Click here.

The power is within you.

Here’s what to do:

1. Forgive.

2. Let go of anger.

3. Let go of relationships that are full of triggers. To let go of the karma, forgive and release each other. Move on.

4. Meditate.

5. Write.

6. Move your body, exercise.

7. Eat lighter- eat vegetables, fruits, drink plenty water, sleep and rest.

8. Be vigilant with your mind. Think better feeling thoughts.

9. Only surround yourself with uplifting, positive people who fan your flames.

10. Trust yourself. Follow your instincts. Let it flow, let it go.

If you want to go deeper into how to release anxiousness or fear, see me for a one on one session in person or over the phone. Together, we’ll tune up your energy and move out outdated programming that no longer serves.

Click here to learn more and schedule today.

All my love to you, my dearest family. I am so excited for what we shall build together. It is happening now.

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