This is Wilde!


This last weekend, I went North, on an old, dirt road, I headed out of Boulder, until I reached the green, rolling pastures of horse farms and open space.

I pulled my car in to the Wilde Tribe, Red Tent gathering space, and made my way under the warm sun to the temple for women.


I entered, wrapped in my red cloth, wearing my red shirt, thankful to find a resting space in the bounty of the creative, inspiring and rich women in my life. Thankful to have a reprieve from my busy world and to sink into the ritual so desired by my feminine Goddess within.

I found my spot on my yoga mat and I settled in.

I bowed to the altar, Red. To Creator, to the divine Mother and Father.


Then, we did 45 minutes of Yin Yoga. My nervous system drank up the slow movement.

After we were connected within and feeling warm, we danced! I got down harder than I have in a long time! I shook, stomped, jumped, rolled, ran, twirled until I cried.

Tears erupted forth as I felt gratitude for my life, the path I’ve walked, the teachers I’ve had and how far I’ve come.


I was inspired as our leader called us out, called us forth, invited our darkest parts to show up. She pleaded with us to show ourselves.

She asked us to yell out what we needed, encouraged us to have our voices be heard.

I felt myself tremble as I tried to find my inner truth, the words that wished to spill forth.

My voice cracked. My tears rolled.

“I need help!” a woman near me cried. Then, we all cried out, “I need help!”


In that moment, I knew I was not alone. It felt so good to say it out loud, in community, and realize I am not the only one who feels that way.

These wants are not mine alone, but our deep desires. We all want to be supported by the bounty of community- unity- each other. We all need help.

We need each other so much. I need you.

I need your deep, down, muddy dark.

I need your trembling voice.

I need your cracking cries.

I don’t need you to be perfect, holy, light, and beautiful.

I invite you to be messy, humbled, piled on the floor in a heaping mess of sobbing tears ripping at the earth to uncover your truth.

I want your real. I want your REVEAL. I’m tired of playing so cool.

We need to share our shadows. Face our dark. Show up fully. Ask for what we want. Dance it, move it, open it, claim it.

I share all this with you today because inside of that sacred tent, inside of the space I gave to myself in the name of nurturing and rejuvenation, I came face to face with the call of my soul, the passion in my heart, the delight of my mind, again & again.

I want to give. I want to serve. Use me! That’s my prayer.

As I connected with my tribe that day, and then waded in the waters of the creek and felt the mud and cool grass under my feet and gazed at the sky and admired the horses, I was reminded that if we have food and water, then we have a responsibility to care for the waters and food on this planet.


We can start, as Indigo Bacal, the leader of the day suggested, with the waters in our bodies. Our blood. Our emotions.

We can be responsible for who we are, why we came here, what we have to offer.

We can take the time to truly nurture ourselves and then step up in our communities to cry out that warrior call of truth.

I beg you: say what you want. Ask for what you need. Share your voice.

We each are here on purpose and the time is now. It is up to us to come alive and say what we see and create something new, together.

Are you with me? What else is possible? How good can we have it?!

What are you here for? What do you see that you wish to give voice to? How can you serve?

Please awaken with me, sing out-loud! Show yourself!

I’d like to support you in your life, in your transitions, from winter to spring, or in any transition in your life.

Remember I am here, with passionate gifts to share and you can always book a session with me.

If you want help & you’re ready for support, click here to jump in and let’s work together!

I’ll be your sister, a reflection, I give words to the desires arising within.

If not a session, tell me what you are up to.

Leave a comment on my website. Tell me what stirs your soul? Why are you here? What is your role in our great collaborative awakening???

All my love,
Rachel Claire

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