5 Quick Tips for Clearing Clutter

66734_10201482868491948_914398683_nAfter a year-long hiatus, (spiritual journey, really) I’ve returned to teaching. I am working part-time as a Literature teacher at a private school teaching a 4th/5th grade combo class. That’s a picture of my classroom as I received it.

Here’s what it looks like now:


It seems like I actualized this position out of the deep desires of my heart & the persistent thinking of my mind.

After years of growing sour about the state of education in public schools, which boils down to a whole lot of testing & teaching to the test, I felt the need to leave a job that no longer lit my fire.

Here’s what I did:

I envisioned working at a school that was private so that I could find people of like mind, who put attention on developing the whole child.

I desired to no longer have a long commute, so imagined often what it would be like to live close to where I worked.

I got clear that 4th or 5th grade was my preferred age.

I knew that small class sizes would make a huge difference.

I wanted to be part of a community that valued my contribution, received my energy & reciprocated.

With wondrous ease & grace, I found such a place.

When I realized in my interview that they truly wanted to hear my educational philosophy & were interested in what I had to offer to a learning environment, I was elated.

They changed the job to offer me a larger classroom, higher pay, benefits, a great schedule & my ideal age group & subject.

How does it get better than that?!

With all of my heart I believe that we are powerful beyond our knowing & that we truly can create new worlds so long as we are vigilant with our minds, concentrate on that which we desire, & lean in towards our heart’s longings, and follow our passions with persistence, ease & grace.

We can create new realities, new earths, vibrate at new levels & alternate dimensions, if only we choose to.

Magic is afoot for those who open to receive.

Here’s a look at my classroom, before & after. This is not the final project, but it’s amazing what we can do in only a couple of days!!



Don’t forget I offer clearing services, whether for your heart, mind, body or spirit.

You can have your Bars run and release thousands of years of limitation.

You can have a Psychic Reading & clear your Aura, Chakras, out-dated pictures & belief systems & receive clarity about your next steps.

You can have assistance with Space Clearing & make your spaces a beautiful reflection of the energy that you truly be!

Whatever your desire, you can receive, achieve it & have it.

What else is possible?!

Here’s my quick tips for clearing clutter:

1. Get help! Have a friend be with you through the process. They can let go easier than you can. They can look at you funny when you want to hang on to some weird piece of junk.

2. Have containers ready labeled “Trash” “Repair” & “Donate.”

3. If possible, take the items out of the room they live in while you sort. For example, take clothes to the living room.

4. Set a timer. Clear clutter in 15 minute increments. Don’t take on a huge project- you’ll just get over-whelmed. Work on it over time. Even a two minute clearing of one hot-spot daily can make a HUGE difference!

5. Get rid of everything that you don’t love, or use, or anything that isn’t a representation of the future you imagine for yourself!

All my love,

Rachel Claire

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