We Are Not the Same and We Have Boundaries

Do you notice that there’s a message in this New Age of oneness that we’re all the same and we’re one?

Does that ever leaving you feeling like you’re not special, distinct, or unique?

Well, I’m here to tell you. We’re not all the same. You don’t have to love everyone up close & personal.

It’s okay to have boundaries, hold back and save some for inside.

I’ve been wanting to be real & raw and just share from my heart.

Here’s my confession about how I don’t always want to join in on the group hug.

I’m setting the perimeter.

Click the link. Watch the video. Find out what I mean.

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Rachel Claire

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  1. Love this Rachel,
    I feel the same way sometimes…. I don’t always want to group hug or be intimate (touching, hugging, sharing food) with Everyone. On some level I KNOW we are all ONE… AND we are also unique individuals… what a beautiful paradox.

    1. Hi Una! Thank you for watching & commenting! I appreciate it. It’s good to know we’re not alone in our feelings, huh? Here’s to the paradox of life!

  2. I think the dogma of “One Love” has been used as a tool of manipulation in the power-over game of separation… but the energy being expressed is often not aligned with One Love at all. Within we each have the capacity to feel if something resonates with what we are choosing to create. If it does not, we can choose to not engage it.

    Interestingly, submission to the will of others is not the only way of engaging it. Rebelling against others, fighting them, trying to change them is also a way of engaging it, as I see it. As is unwillingness to see that it’s a power-over-game, and denying that that’s what some who claim to be acting in and as One Love are really doing — manipulating, trying to control. If we’re aligned with One Love emotionally and physically, we can discern the difference. You just feel it.

    That’s how it seems to me. What’s your sense of that, Rachel (if you’re inclined to share)?

    Thanks again for the gift of this video. It’s healing something for me.

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