Are You Stingy with Your Likes? How Facebook is a New Currency that You Can Use to Change the World


“Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”~Henry Wordsworth Longfellow

I’ve noticed an interesting phenomena.

When I share a status update about my day, 40 likes.

A trip I’m going on? 50.

When I work on a blog post for two days, and share the deepest spiritual truths that I am learning and practicing, and use my craft of writing to share it with my community and buy a picture to go with it for $14.00, boost the post for $6.99 on my page and pay $10.00 to promote it on my Facebook profile, and share in all the groups I belong to…maybe 5 likes. 



I know more than 5 of my friends must have seen my post.

So, why is it that out of thousands of people, so few would like it?

Let’s give people the benefit of the doubt. With Facebook’s constantly changing algorithms, we don’t know who sees what, but when we do see something that is the life work of our friend or community member, do we share it? Do we like it? 

I wonder…are we stingy with our friend’s about the things that really matter?

Perhaps we don’t realize how powerful Facebook has become.

It’s a cash cow.

Most of my clients come through Facebook. Someone sharing one thing from me can make the difference between me having a new client, or not.

One like goes a long way.

Community is the new currency

We know that we are ten times more likely to do something that is recommended from a friend. Businesses these days thrive on word of mouth. We do what other people are doing, period.

So, it is really through one another that we have an immense amount of power to support each other in our soul’s work and our evolution.

The power of your like can go a long way in helping your friend’s business. One like can be the difference between bread and butter on a friend’s table, or not. 

We hold a great deal of power to launch our friends and community members into broader spheres of service if we are only willing.

Perhaps we have even have more power on Facebook than we do when we vote in a Federal election.

You see, I am not sure how rigged that whole game (of voting) is, and even if we do get a vote, we are limited between two candidates.

However, every day in our lives we get to vote in two very powerful ways.

We vote with our dollars through what we choose to buy and we vote by what we choose to like and share on social media.

If we skip over our loved ones and friends, and we do not pass on the services at the heart of our friend’s purpose for being on this planet, what are we doing?

I wonder if we know our power?

Do we realize that ONE like or ONE share could mean ONE person sees something never before seen and meets a new friend, finds a new lover, reads an article that moves them to create inspired work, or finds a service that changes the course of their life?

If the micro is the macro, then everyday, in everyway, we are voting on Facebook and creating ripples of change.

What are you giving your likes to?

Are you supporting your community members who are working hard to create their livelihood?

Are you sharing your friends services, recommending them, trying them out when possible, and liking their valuable offerings?

I have to wonder, if not, why?

Notice the poeple who follow you, who like you, who share your stuff and support YOU in the world.

Do you reciprocate? Are you completing the figure eight, give and take flow of the universe, or are you taking, without even recognizing those who are sharing YOUR work in the world?

Perhaps we’ve been stingy in places because we’ve been ignorant to the enormity of our power.

The ether webs and pathways of the on-line world are like the neural pathways of a brain. Synapses that fire together, wire together. If we fire with our friends and their soul work in the world, if we are spreading messages of living art and expression, if we are sharing our purpose, teaching, and serving and we are consciously doing that in the on-line world too, then we are forging new pathways and new connections for communities of thriving connectedness based on the HEART!

What’s possible when we support the heART work of others?

I wonder.

“For it is in the giving that we receive.” ~ St. Francis of Assisi


Rachel Claire

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