How to Know Who You Really Are and Live Your Truth

dreamstime_s_15290169In the Bible, Matthew 6:33, it reads, “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all things shall be added unto you.”

Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita says something similar.

Perhaps we should pay attention when great spiritual teachers say the words, “First.”

Perhaps this is our first step on the spiritual journey. 

Well, what is that? Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? Where is heaven? Is it a place in the sky that we reach if we we’re good in this life and we are rewarded?

The Kindgom of Heaven is within, it is the part of us that is eternal, birthless, deathless, it is the light of the soul.

That is who we are, really- a soul. We are spirits, first. Period.

In psychic work, I teach people how to connect to themselves and relate to themselves as a spirit. This is the first step on the spiritual path, recognizing that you are spirit and you have a body.

Of all the things I could teach you, teaching you how to be Clairvoyant is the best thing I could offer, for when I show you how to look and see on your own, then I teach you how to have your own answers.

That is why I read people and why I teach what I do. At some point on our spiritual paths, we have to begin to learn to manage the energy of the material world.

We have to learn how to sense energy, how to see what is going on beyond what we can sense with our normal five senses. We must begin to ask, what is my purpose? Why am I here? What is the point of this life?

Why? Why must we inquire, can’t we just party it up and have a good time and go out in a blaze of glory?

Well, sure, if that’s what you want. But you’ll keep reincarnating over and over again until you begin to grow and go to the next level. You’re a spirit. You have eternity. You better grow, or you are goin’ round on a road to nowhere, for a long-ass time.

The point of life is not to just incarnate, party it up and then die.

At some point, maybe in our 100th life, maybe in our 2, 000th life, we’ll begin to wonder if there is more, what is real, what is lasting?

To live a spiritual life is to give up the game of competition, of us vs. them, of victim-hood.

It is a choice to learn to know what is real. What is real is only that which lasts, that which has no beginning and no end, that which is eternal, and to know that, we must go within, we must go beyond the temporary pleasures of the external world, and seek the Kingdom within our own hearts, for that is where real truth resides.

Wanting to change things is wanting to be in control.

Want comes from a place of perceived lack. The space from which you create will be a part of your creation. That is karma. Seeking outside of ourselves and efforting and searching is going the wrong way. Trying to change other people or the outer world will get you no where.

The spiritual journey is when we finally realize that true happiness will not come from anything outside of ourselves. All that can be taken away, all that will wither and die and turn to dust is not of value.

So, what is of value? What can you take with you when you die? These are the questions a seeker of spiritual wisdom and truth asks.

We incarnated into this life to learn to fully be ourselves. That is our purpose and why we are here. We are here to be embodied and to fully shine the light of our soul and share it with others.

We are here to master being a spirit in a body.

We are not just here to have a good time. There’s actually work to be done. Not work like effort and running around like a chicken with your head cut off, but it is important to begin to seek to understand what you are here for, and once you do, you will know it is to shine your light, be you, and share your love.

So, what’s in the way of that? With so much war and greed and hatred, are we all shining our light and living in joy? No.

The problem is that we are born and as young children our light begins to diminish pretty quickly. Other people put expectations on us, desires, their wants and expectations and soon we figure out that we must listen to our teachers, adults, parents, and we dim our light, and give our power away to other people.

We give our seniority away and then we wonder why we can’t get happy or why we aren’t living our dreams.

The problem is that we must learn how to manage being in this realm. To do that, we have to understand that all those expectations and all that programming is just energy. In the psychic world, we call them “pictures.”

You inherited pictures from your family and culture and society about what you could be, how much you could have, what was appropriate to express, and what wasn’t, and you let that dim your light and determine who you were and your worth and what you could create.

Now, you’re carrying around other people’s energy.

The problem with that is that you can’t heal anybody else’s energy. You can’t use someone else’s energy. So, what to do?

That’s where psychic energy work comes in.

You realize that the energy you carry isn’t yours, it is someone or something else, and then you have choice. You can choose to release it, let it go, move it out of your space!

It’s that easy!

As long as you are carrying the energy of another person around with you, you will feel out of sorts, you will have pain, and you will not be able to create the way you desire to create!

The one problem you must solve is knowing what your own energy feels like and cleaning your space- moving other people’s energy out and having seniority in your own space.

Then, from that space, from a grounded, whole, healed space, you can create authentically!

If you want to clean your space, let go of other people’s energy and let the light of your soul shine more brightly so you can share your gifts with the world, then I want to serve you!

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