The Best Business Advice I Have for Healers, Coaches & Artists


Some healers, artists, therapists and coaches struggle in their own lives. Then, they feel the need to hide because they don’t want to seem to be a fraud. We all need support sometimes and it’s not realistic to think that a coach or healer won’t have personal struggles in their private life.

There is an old Native American belief that we are the reed through which spirit can channel. I think that though it is important to do our best in life and walk our talk, we must also realize that no one is perfect. If we waited to serve others until we felt that we had everything all figured out, then we’d all be in trouble.

Sensitive healer types can often be perfectionistic in nature. I know from working with gifted students that one clear sign of giftedness is avoiding risk taking for fear of not doing it perfectly. Have you experienced this?

I know so many of us who are so creative resist sharing ourselves for we fear that we have to have it all figured out first.

The best advice I could give you in your business, healing practice, or art is to start before you think you are ready.

Put yourself out there and take a risk, for in that endeavor, you will be the vessel, or the channel, for spirit to reach another person. You could make a huge difference for someone and not even know it. The divine is always running the show anyway, it is only our ego mind that thinks we are in control.

So, let go and hang up your “Open” sign before you think you’re ready. 

My practice really took off when I started offering free strategy sessions to people. If we give someone the opportunity to hear our voice & connect with us, then they are more likely to opt in to work with us longer term.

And, for your benefit, as you share and converse with others, you’ll gain clarity. Then, you can morph & change your services & offerings. Don’t think that you have to pick one business, service, or price and stick with it forever. You’re allowed to change. Just start where you are, with what you have.

There are people out there looking for the unique blend of talents that only you have. I believe that we all our healers & teachers & we all have something special to offer other people that can make a huge difference, for ultimately, we are but a conduit, a channel for energy, and so in the end, it’s not personal.

Put yourself out there & you’ll gain confidence & begin to see your talents more clearly. 

So, if you have the thought to start a business or share some art, go for it! Your purpose and your passions are one and the same. We are here to expand our capacities and share ourselves with others.

Notice what you think about, what lights you up, and follow that energy!

Create an offering that is something that is obvious to you, that you love to do, and share it as a service or offering for others! If you enjoy it, that translates into enjoyment & pleasure for others. It’s a win, win!

If you’d like support & clarity around your passions and purpose,  get a reading, or download your free report up above and sign up for a free session. I’d love to work with you!


Rachel Claire


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