Overwhelmed? Discover 4 Simple Soul-Soothing Practices


We all get overwhelmed sometimes. The pace of today’s world is fast and so it’s even more vital than ever that we have great self-care.

Just like we wash our hair & body before we leave the house, it is crucial that we learn to be space, be our energy and be who we really are. There are practices we can use to help us tune into our power.

There are simple healing techniques you can use every day that will help you feel more relaxed and will soothe your soul.

You see, the more we acknowledge that we are spirit, and that we have energy, or this life-force that animates our body channels through us, the more we will be rewarded by spirit- that is to say, we will be more connected, we’ll feel better, life will flow easily & we’ll experience coincidences & meaningful connections that we otherwise would have passed by if we were rushing & on automatic pilot.

Truth: Do you perceive WAY more than you acknowledge? 

Do you know that you’re an infinite being?

If so, tuning into the truth of your power will allow you to be empowered to make the powerful, conscious choices you need to make to create life the way you want it. 

1. Expand your energy out. Be space.

2. Ask: Whose is this? Is this Mine? Someone else? Something else’s? If it’s not yours, return to sender with consciousness.

3. Begin to live life from the question. Conclusions cut of your awareness. Questions allow the universe to provide answers for you beyond what you may have ever considered possible. Start with this one: What else is possible?

4. Claim your power by realizing that it’s not about you. It’s never about you. Don’t take anything personally.