What if You Could Have it Better Than You Could Have Planned or Imagined?

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Before finding Access Consciousness and learning the Bars healing modality, I would hear friends talk about it, and I saw many of their lives change before my eyes, but it sounded weird.

I imagined people holding tuning forks above people’s heads, or some bars of something. When I heard it was $200.00 for the introductory class, I was a resounding, no thanks.

I finally chose one day to give to myself, to stop letting money determine what I could and could not experience and I said, yes. 

I was amazed at the people who led the class, their power, clarity, and deep awareness. Yet, I still wasn’t sold on the Bars.

A couple of years later I dove back in and took a 5 day class. This changed everything. I was woken up to who I truly BE as an infinite being. I realized why access is called what it’s called, for their tools & processes truly help one to access consciousness.

I felt lighter, more motivated to make connections & create. I felt expansive & full of space. I was present to possibility more than ever before.

My relationship has shifted in dramatic ways. My business expanded. I started receiving more money & more clients.

I began to ask questions like, “What would it take to receive more money right away?” or, “What would it take to have these classes paid for with grace & ease?”

Before long, I received large amounts of money & had all of my debt paid off. 

Miracles began to happen, and not like magic, but more like my choice, and creation, and my willingness to have & receive beyond what I’d thought possible.

You see, Access is all about asking questions. When we come to conclusions, we cut off our awareness. We think we know and we eliminate any other possibilities.

When we question, function from and live from the question, we open up to receive. We are more apt to receive beyond what we could have planned or imagined. We allow the universe to answer, and what can show up is often far better than what we could have planned.

Now, whenever I feel full up, like I’ve processed too much, or I’m stuck, I get my bars run.

I use to suffer from migraine headaches. Now, every time I feel that coming on, I get my Bars run.  The founder of Access, Gary Douglass, says that having your bars run is like deleting old files.

I get that. It feels that way. I always feel lighter, more expansive & like I have more space after having my Bars run. I don’t get migraines anymore either. The healing results around the world for people, just from one Bars session, are nothing short of miraculous.

What if you could choose for you, and choose something new? What would that create? What if you could change everything by one choice?

I know it has changed so much for me. Where once I was locked out of anything over $200.00, now I give to myself all the time, am willing to charge more & to receive more & am willing to pay much more for things I want. I am not limited by other people’s points of view as much, and am more free to choose for me.

What if you could choose for you, free from judgment of others, what would you choose?

I’d love to serve you. If you’d like healing, touch, more space & to let go of the past, see me for an Access Bars session. If you’re not local, download your free report up above and sign up for a free strategy session to see how I can contribute to you!


Rachel Claire

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