My Secret Team of Support and How I Really Do What I Do

ID-100110842As I was sitting in my acupuncturists office, reporting to her that life is great and I feel wonderful, I asked: What is it about acupuncture that makes me feel so relaxed?

She said that it brings us back to our natural state, we get to relax into the moment, feel good in our bodies, and be reminded of what our true state is.

I loved that. She also said she doesn’t know really…she knows what she’s experienced and learned, but the deep-seated presence and calm available after this self-care practice is still a mystery.

She also said that’s why she started doing acupuncture. She felt so relaxed, so good, she wanted to offer that experience to other people.

What she does is much like what I do, too. I teach some challenging children and I am mindful that we all have a natural homeostasis, a health inside, to which we can return, and upon which we can trust and rely. So, on rough days when I think it’s all too hard, I remind myself that I am a beacon of light, holding space for all of us to reach our potential.

I remind the adults I coach in private practice of the same, as well. In such a hectic and fast paced world, we get out of rhythm and lose touch with our natural state of well-being. We forget to sit, gaze at the clouds and let time go by, enjoying each moment.

Marianne Williamson, teacher of A Course in Miracles and author of many books about love and healing, says it this way:

“The universe keeps a perfect set of books. It is always seeking homeostasis.”

Ultimately, what keeps me doing what I do- teaching children and offering spiritual services in a private practice, is because I believe in the human spirit’s ability to self-correct, to find balance, to cultivate health and thrive.

I say this about my private practice too, that my ideal client is someone who desires growth. A person who believes we are spirits, here on purpose, to learn and grow.

With children, I do my best to model what it is to love to live, to learn, to be kind and to grow.

We adults must keep growing, too.

The amount of energy it takes to do what I do isn’t easy; namely, teach children every day who range on the spectrum from highly gifted to twice exceptional, meaning they have a gifted area and a learning disability, to being somewhere slighty on the Autism spectrum (we think) to having full on Autism.

In addition to giving them daily attention, I also navigate the complex world of working with other staff members, administration, and parents and the community at large. It requires a lot of skill.

Then, I come home and read and coach women.

All of this requires support. Don’t think for a minute that I don’t have at team in the background helping me to manage my energy.

On said team are the following healers:

  • acupuncturist
  • massage therapist
  • psychotherapist
  • Florida spine and injury chiropractor
  • money coach
  • spiritual coach
  • Dance space holders

I couldn’t go it alone.

I wonder what you do to feel good, to receive support and to find your center, that eternal place of wellness that dwells within?

If you don’t have a support team, would it make a difference if you did?

If you’ve never tried acupuncture, and you’re struggling with any symptoms or pain, I highly recommend it.

The psychic work I do is also a way I feel that I find my center. If you’d like to do some intuitive healing exercises, click here, sign up on my list, and receive your free gifts.

In the end, the purpose of self-care is to remind ourselves of our natural state. One of calm, relaxation, and well-being. Will you choose to give it to yourself?

After my acupuncture treatment this week, the following day, I went on my longest bike ride ever. 18 miles. That’s a personal best for me.

I tell you this because it was another great day of shutting off the phone, getting out, and living life- trying new things and pushing out of my comfort zone. This is how we grow. Give yourself the support you need to grow.

You are made of strength, and power and infinite star dust. Go get ’em, tiger.


All my love,

Rachel Claire

P.S. Not sure what’s stopping you or keeping you stuck? Download your toolbox up above and then apply for a Free Strategy Session. I’d love to serve you!

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