Women: Clean & Balance Your Root Chakra & Be the Earth Mother Queen


Chakra: Root or first

Color: Red

Energy: Earth Mother Queen

Qualities: Belonging, safety, survival needs met easily

Our root chakra, or first chakra, connects us to the earth, to our bodies, to tribe and to our safety and feelings of belonging. Our root chakra is located at the base of our spine. Its color is red, like that of a strawberry, or the dress on this woman, pictured above.

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Chakra one is about grounding, survival and the body.

The energy of our first chakra is the “Earth Mother Queen.” That archetype comes from Belinda Davidson. I’m currently enrolled in her School of the Modern Mystic and we’re cleansing our chakras. I want to share with you what you can do to cleanse yours, too!

Imagine that your spirit anchored into your physical body. Where does all the information it needs to survive come from? Well, the energy centers, or spinning wheels, called your chakras, of course!

Your root chakra gives your physical body all of the information it requires to survive on earth. For example: food, water, shelter. It also gives it information about belonging, finding tribe, feeling safe & cared for.

If our root chakra is in working order, we feel that we have all we need to successfully live on planet earth.

If our first chakra is not in working order, we can feel depressed, like we’re in a struggle cycle, we can have pain in our legs, hips, lower back & reproductive organs. We don’t feel safe, we don’t feel like we can meet our basic needs, we live paycheck to paycheck and like our life is chaotic, we can’t keep up & we are alone.

Do you feel that you don’t belong to a tribe or family? Do you feel isolated or estranged? Are you tired of going it alone? If so, read on & try out these tips!

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if your root chakra is balanced:

  • Do you feel grounded in your physical body?
  • Do you seek out a connection to nature?
  • Can you manifest that which need to survive in this world?
  • Do you feel that you belong to a tribe?
  • Do you love your home & feel secure?
  • Do you look after your physical body?

To balance & cleanse your chakras, do the following:

  • Wear red
  • Eat red foods
  • Get out in nature
  • Focus on the area of your first chakra and imagine filling it in with red energy
  • Notice your physical body, get exercise or get proper nutrition with those protein bars

A balanced & healthy first chakra leaves you feeling safe, grounded, happy, clear & calm. You feel part of a family. Your basic needs are taken care of. You have a home you love. You can manifest things easily, seemingly out of no where.

A balanced first chakra connects us to the earth so we are nourished and cared for by our mother. We have a sense of being grounded on earth & in our physical body. We are clear headed & can deal easily with the daily realities of life. We feel supported.

When we’re grounded, we are rooted to this earth & down to earth. We have an abundance of stamina. Life does not seem too difficult.

A balanced first chakra means we love moving our body, we love time in nature, and we feel a sense of connection to the earth.

To make sure you are connected & grounded to the earth, click here to get your free Women’s Intuition Toolbox and start cleansing your chakras today. 

These tools will help you feel grounded, connected, rooted, safe, calm & loved!

Thank you for joining with me today!

To a balanced, healthy & radiant life, one in which you know you belong!


Rachel Claire

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