Women: Have Empowerment via a Fit Solar-Plexus Chakra

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????If you’re struggling to empower yourself, set boundaries, say no, calmly take action on your beliefs, and confidently take action in the direction of your desires, then read on, you need a stronger Chakra 3!


Name: Third Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Energy: Warrior

Vibration/Color: Yellow like the sun

Location: Stomach region

Areas of body governed: stomach, liver, gall bladder, digestive system, spleen.

Drive: Personal power, creating one’s way in the world

Issues: Self-esteem, self-empowerment, will & ambition


Questions to ask yourself to see if you have a healthy solar-plexus chakra:

  • Can I say no?
  • Do I have a healthy self-esteem?
  • Can I put my mind to something and follow through?
  • Can I hold my center, or am I easily swayed by others’ thoughts & ideas?
  • Do I take on other people’s emotions?
  • Do I feel overly responsible for others lives?
  • Do I have stomach or digestive issues?
  • Do I get anxiety attacks?
  • Can I set boundaries?
  • Do I give away my power to avoid confrontation?


An unfit Chakra 3 could cause you to…

  • have a lack of self-confidence
  • not feel worthy enough to say no
  • not respect yourself & others
  • be passive/aggressive
  • be emotionally sensitive
  • feel burdened by others
  • have a victim mentality
  • fear conflict
  • be highly critical


With a balanced 3rd chakra…

  • You will respect self & others
  • You’ll do what’s true for you
  • You’ll hold your own
  • You’ll have delightful relationships because people will intuitively know who you are and find you reliable and warm
  • You have a strong sense of who you are
  • You stand up for what you believe in, in a peaceful way
  • You will clearly see what your emotions are and what issues are someone else’s
  • You have motivation
  • You’ll get lots done but it will feel joyful, like an authentic expression of yourself
  • You stick with what’s good for you
  • You have a healthy self-discipline
  • Your rely on yourself


The warrior lives in a state of empowerment and joy. She knows her power and uses it to create whatever she desires. She is peace-loving, powerful, strong, aligned with her desires and free.


To make your third chakra fit, do the following:

  • Activate the warrior energy
  • Wear yellow clothes
  • Eat yellow foods
  • Do the healing chakra meditation in your Women’s Intuition Toolbox.
  • Have some awareness in your chakra 3 area during day-to-day activities
  • Shield your third chakra-place your hand on your stomach. This activates the chakra, which will strengthen it. Try this as much as possible. It helps to throw up a shield around you.
  • Say no if something isn’t right for you
  • Do martial arts
  • Chant the sound- RAM
  • Act like a peaceful warrior!

If you’d like to have a reading to clean, clear & balance your chakras, so you can hold your center, feel empowered and embody the energy of the warrioress, see me for a session. Click for a Clairvoyant Reading to learn more.

To your empowerment, embodiment, and living a life of your deepest desires!

All my love,

Rachel Claire





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