Top Ten Tasks You Must-Do to Live a Charmed Life

Young Woman on Tree Trunk in NatureI have these weird habits. Actually, I think they’re brilliant and change my world for the better. I notice a lot of people around me who don’t do it like I do. You should all be like me. Just Kidding. 

I thought today, I’d let you in to my quirky side, the part of me that is almost superstitious, but in an energy honoring, holy sort of way.

There are simple tasks I do daily that I feel enhance the energy in my life.

Rachel’s “Must-Dos” for a Charmed Life:

1. Make your bed every morning. 

I can’t believe how many people don’t do this. So often, when I’m at a new person’s home, or even a good friend’s house, they’ll show me their room without their bed made! BIG mistake. HUGE.

Just kidding. I was channeling Julia Roberts right there on Rodeo Drive from Pretty Woman

Seriously, though. When we sleep, we build up chi, qi, life-force, prana, energy. If we leave our bed uncovered all day, we lose that vital energy. If we cover it up, we keep it there in our bed, which will contribute to our sleep and dream time. That’s good news.

2. Don’t put anything on your toilet. 

Truly. This is a big no no in Feng Shui. You don’t want anything decorating your toilet. What’s up with so many people putting things all over the crapper? Totally good idea if you want to enhance the crap in your life. 

Nothing but a clean toilet. Don’t enhance the crap area of the house. Period. 

3. Keep the door to your bathroom closed. 

You don’t want your good fortune coming in your home and down the drain. You don’t want people to enter your sacred space and see your toilet first thing. Keep this door closed, always.

4. Know Your Power Position. 

You should read books on Feng Shui and know which directions are your power directions. In important meetings, or anytime, really, sit facing your power directions.

At the very least, don’t sit with your back facing a door. You’ll feel insecure. I have weekly meetings on Thursday afternoons at the school where I teach, and I go early most every time so I can find a chair deep in the room, across from the door, facing it. Uh-huh.

5. Have a desk.

Keep it clear. Plants, crystals, and a good light are all important features to have on the desk. If you must have anything, be sure it’s one of these qi enhancing items. Seriously. When people come to me with money issues, I know that their house or office is likely a mess.

6. Shine Your Sink

This comes from Fly Lady. You must follow her. Keep your bathroom sink shined, do it every day if possible. Watch your life shine.

7. A Load of Laundry a Day will Keep Chaos Away

Don’t give me a hard time about water and doing laundry every day. This one thing has altered my life. If I don’t stay on top of laundry, soon, I’m drowning in a sea of clothes, my energy is zapped and I think staying home on a beautiful Saturday to deal with my things is a good idea.

This tip also comes from Fly Lady. Do a load a day. Trust me. Watch how it keeps chaos away.

8. Ask Questions:

I start my day with the following questions:

What grand & glorious adventures await me today? What else is possible for my life? Holy Spirit, where would you have me go, what would you have me say, and to whom?

These questions leave me feeling inspired. Try it and see. When we ask questions, we open to possibility.

9. Always wash your face at night

I’ve always had a nightly routine. It could include scrubbing my skin, lathering myself in oil, washing face, brushing, flossing, brushing hair, adorning my skin with luscious, expensive cream similar to that from Soteri Skin.

I’m always astounded when I see others who don’t do this. I guess I view it as preparing my body for a peaceful, clean, restful sleep.

Then, one time, I saw one of my idols, Stevie Nicks, on Oprah’s Life Stories. Stevie attributes her beautiful skin to never, ever going to sleep without washing her face. No matter where she was on the road (she’s a rock star if you don’t know) or how much partying she was doing, or how late she stayed up, she always washed her face.

To me, this is washing away the impurities from the day.

10. Pay Just As Much Attention to Your Inner World as Your Outer

Wherever you are, keep some attention on your inner world. This comes from Eckhart Tolle. Notice your breath. Feel your inner energy. Even in loud, crowded spaces, keep some energy on your inner expanse.

Do exercises to enhance your spiritual energy or own personal qi. Start with my Women’s Intuition Toolbox. (It’s free!) Click below.

Thanks for joining with me today!


Rachel Claire

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