How I Knew I Was Psychic (Part 2): Psychometry

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The first time I really had a hunch that I had awareness beyond what others had was when I was with a group of girlfriends for a weekend getaway. I was sitting with one of my friends, resting my hands on her, and we were chatting.

I started to feel sick to my stomach. I began to describe what I was feeling. She said, “Wow, that’s weird, I’d been feeling that exact way, that’s how I feel!”

She knew I was a sensitive type, and she asked me a question that would change everything. She said, “Do you think that you just picked up what I was feeling?”

I had no reason to not feel well. I hadn’t eaten anything new or strange. She and I dug a little deeper and I shared exactly what I was feeling and she shared that it was what she’d been feeling before I touched her.

I had reason to believe that I was empathic, as I’d been very sensitive my whole life. I also had reason to believe that it was possible that I picked up on other’s feelings through my hands.

After that, I took it on. I tested the theory. I’d touch people and feel what they were feeling. I’d hold things of other’s and I’d pick up images and psychic impressions. I’d see, in my mind’s eye, pictures of them, on their knees, sad, or in bed, in grief. When I shared these impressions, I’d find I was right.

One time, I was in a workshop with James Van Praagh. He instructed us to get with a partner and hold something of theirs and share what impressions we picked up. She handed me a bookmark.

I saw her in bed, reading, in grief. I knew that this item belonged to a male who had passed on.

She was blown away. It was her father’s bookmark. He had just died. She had indeed spent a lot of time in bed, reading with it, in grief.

If we trust ourselves and speak what we know, we’ll be amazed at what we can pick up when we’re willing to be multi-sensory beings.

This type of psychic ability is called psychometry. It’s something I have, and something you could have too, if you tuned in and claimed it.

I believe energetically we can pick up on the emotional energy or impressions left in things.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever picked up what other people were feeling? Have you ever touched something and received a psychic impression?

All my love,


Rachel Claire