How I Knew I Was Psychic (Part 4): Seeing the Future

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The first time I ever saw the future was in a dream. This type of awareness is called, “Pre-cognition.”

In my dream, I entered a shop where I ran in to a friend who was with my ex-boyfriend. He and I had recently separated and I was still in pain. I woke up from the dream with an eerie knowing that my friend and my ex-lover were likely in a new relationship.

A couple of days later, I pulled into the parking lot of a store. I entered and saw said friend. I instantly knew this was my dream playing out.

They confided in me that yes, they were in a budding relationship. I was hurt, but given that I was already warned in my dream, it came as much less of a shock.

I believe that our dreams often give us information about things to come. We need only pay attention to our dreams, honor them as the omens and sign posts that they are, and remember them, record them, give space to ourselves upon waking to marinate in the dream before it’s gone.

A great book on dreams is by Robert Moss and it’s called, Dreamgates. He studied with Aborigines in Australia who taught that everything that comes to pass appears in our dreams. They teach that we can change our future by heeding the warnings that come in our dreams.

Again, I don’t think my abilities are anything special or out of the norm. I think that I am a vivid dreamer, and I value my dream life. I pay attention to my dreams, record them in a journal and follow the intuitive guidance I receive in my dream life.

If we pay attention, we’ll receive pre-cognitive dreams that can help us navigate life. If we don’t dream, or can’t remember our dreams, it’s time to change our energy. It’s time to work on our energy field and chakras to get them fit + healthy so we can access our intuitive awareness.

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