Your Future Will Not Save You, Only You Can Do That

People often ask me questions like: Do you see anyone coming into my life in my future? Do you see a great love, or great events?

These same people are often currently putting up with energetic situations that leave them feeling dis-empowered, angry, resentful and hopeless.

What we fail to realize is that what we attract in our lives is directly related to the state of our energy right now. What do I mean by the state of our energy? Our chakras.

Your chakras determine your health, vibrancy, and what you will attract. If your energy, your chakras, are not fit- if they are blocked, small, not functioning and not flowing well, then any area related to what that chakra governs, will not flow well.

Alternatively, if your chakras are healthy, fit, flowing well, open and spinning nicely, then you will attract the love, money, or opportunities you desire.

Sometimes it seems to me that people hope that things will magically change in the future. I get it, it’s human, we all have done it, to varying degrees, or still do it now.

We make some moment in the future our point of salvation. We think that one day we’ll all of the sudden have this great life, or have all our problems solved. We’ll finally have that love, and all that money, and we’ll feel fulfilled.

If only we could just get to that magic, (fictitious) moment in the future.

The truth is that we have to make choices in the now, here and NOW, to get our energy fit, so that we can actually attract what we desire. It’s pure physics, an object in motion will stay in motion, unless another force comes and acts upon it.

If we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’ll continue to get what we’ve always gotten.

To create change, we have to make empowering choices in the now that help us anchor in to ourselves and the present moment.

No awesome, amazing, hot guy is coming in your future if you’re functioning from fear, anger, resentment and sadness right now. Even if some hot guy did come right now, he’d probably end up being a jerk because you attracted him from a space of energy that was a low vibration.

If you want a high vibrating, healthy, loving person, you have to be a high vibrating, healthy, loving person.

What does it take? Mindfulness. 

You have to be willing to change your energy. To do that, you have to sit, in the now, in stillness and anchor in to yourself. You have to listen to the wisdom inside.

You have to make time to connect with your source. You have to get your chakras fit + healthy. How do you do that? You can start with the free guided meditation in my Women’s Intuition Toolbox. 

This meditation will get your chi flowing, which will help you heal and move out stuck energy. You’ll start to get your chakras fit and healthy. Then, you can attract from that radiant, shining point of being, which will be hella betta than attracting from a dark place of yuck.

You have to do it. In the now.

Click here.

To your sexy, saucy, spiritually juicy future- which starts right now.


Rachel Claire



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