Why You Shouldn’t Listen to the Opinions of Others + 5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Everyday

As I was crossing the street, staring at that new car exactly like the one I’d like to buy, I thought: What would it take?

I know what it would take. Exactly. With a bit of room for magic, too.

Then, on cue, welcome my mom’s voice, ringing in my head. You can’t take on more bills. You don’t need that. What are you thinking? Don’t be ridiculous.

I realized in the moment that what’s true in my heart is this: I’m aware that our desires, the things that feel light + juicy,  are full of magic. If we are authentic and we align with our heart’s desires + put our knowing above all the outside influences, that’s when magic happens.

I’d like to compare this to hiking up a hill. Imagine that you’re almost to the top. There’s just a bit left to go. You have a deep desire within to make it. You want to see the top, to look out at that grand expanse of beauty. You know you’ve got what it takes.

Then, the people with you say: It’s risky. It’s too hard. It won’t be easy. You could fall. You could slip. You could not make it.

You know that the joy of the effort, coupled with the abundant view, would contribute to you. But, instead, you hang your head and turn around.

What just happened?

You let your life be lived based on what other’s perceive is possible. You limited your own knowing, gave up your own desire, to match the lower ideals of another.

Good for you. Way to keep the status quo, not rock the boat and make those around you feel comfortable.

Is this really the way you want to choose to live?

You have to understand: other people may have an energetic limit on what they perceive is possible. What you KNOW is possible for you is not even in their realm of possibility.

What if it’s possible that choosing for you can create more opulence + abundance in your life than any sort of denial?

Anything we go for in life will involve risk. All the great joys bring scared feelings.

Having a family. Quitting a job you don’t love. Buying a new car. Getting married. Starting a business. Writing a book.

So often, we don’t realize that if we take the advice + opinions of others, no matter how wise or well intended, over our own knowing, we are forfeiting our magic.

How many of us make our choices based on the limiting beliefs of our parents? We hear their voices in our head, offering constant commentary + then we try to be good + please them by sacrificing self. YUCK!

Our gifts will leave us after a point, if we fail to honor them by being the magic we are. Do you want your inherent gifts to dwindle + die?

In her amazing book, the Conscious Parent, Dr.  Shefali shares these 5 questions to ask yourself daily:

1. Did I live with my authentic voice today?

2. Did I speak up today?

3. Did I do what my heart told me to do rather than staying in my head?

4. Was I allowed to be in stillness?

5. Did I detach from all external pressures?

I just quit my job. I’ve been working as a Literature teacher at a private school part time. It became clear that choosing to work there wasn’t a choice for my authentic voice, or for joy.

I have Dr. Shefali’s questions on my wall + when the day came to speak up, detach from external pressures + speak from my authentic voice, I said, “No.” I walked away. People ask if I “have a plan?” Yes, I do. I intend to keep speaking from my heart.

My point today is this: If you can anchor into you, find your tether to yourself, and really reflect, and if you can take action towards what you know is possible in your heart, then you will be just fine.

If you keep basing your life’s choices off of what other people say, then you will go wrong. You’ll be trying to navigate a ship based on an external compass, which just won’t work.

Trust that you were born into this world supported. Life has provided you with what you need to live and it will continue to do so. You need only live authentically from your internal choice and choose powerfully for you, even in the face of others who may see the world differently from you.

Keep asking this question: What else is possible?

What you can have may be very different from what others can have. Having is a choice, and you, babe, you’re on your way up!

Now it’s your turn. Leave a comment below + let me know, have you read this book? Did you love it? What do you know is possible for you? What are you dreaming of?

I’d love to hear from you!


All my love,


Rachel Claire


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