Acknowledgment Gives Completion: Celebrating 2015


I started this year with deep desires in my heart. I spent a good chunk of last winter sitting on my deck, bundled up to keep warm in the cold, gazing at the night sky. I love when it snows and all is quiet. The world is lit up bright with white light and you can hear for miles.

I made some very potent declarations as I wished upon many stars. I had many talks with my higher self, my angels and my support team in spirit. This was the year that I would clear away any remaining doubts or fears that kept me from having my heart’s desire.

I knew I was ready for family, for togetherness, for having a child.

On my birthday, I declared to myself that this would be the last birthday I spent as a single girl. I knew I wanted to have family and that this was the year.

I believe I conceived the next day, the weekend of my birthday.

Its been seven months since then. I’m full-bellied with a babe growing in my womb as I write this. I’ll ring in the new year by nesting, having a baby and transitioning to motherhood and family life.

There are many accomplishments I made this year- growing my business, leaving my teaching job, working my business full-time, but all of it pales in comparison to having my first child.

From now on, holidays will take on a new feeling. I’ll celebrate a new birth and new birth day. I’ll grow my family and discover new parts of myself in the process.

Acknowledgment gives completion.

I acknowledge that this year I finally chose to take action on one of my biggest life goals. I acknowledge that my desires, intentions and visions have manifested. I acknowledge myself for walking this path, full of vulnerability and uncertainty.

Thank you 2015. Welcome, 2016.

I wonder what grand + glorious adventures await?!

Last, but not least, thank you. Thank you for being here, reading my words, being my community and on my team. Together, we weave miracles, and sharing in them makes them that much more joyful.

Now, it’s your turn. What would you like to acknowledge yourself for? What did you accomplish in 2015? Of what do you desire to create in 2016? Leave a comment, I’d love to support you in your visions!

Happy New Year!

Much love,


Rachel Claire


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