The Spiritual Law of Expectancy and How to Use it To Manifest What You Desire


In the readings I’ve been having lately, there is this one thing that shows up repeatedly: Expect it to be so.

As I started tuning in to this concept, I was excited to share about it with you. It felt like a new way of thinking about an old concept.

In the past, I think many of us have inherited the message, “have no expectations.” The fact is, though, that we do. The conscious and unconscious mind, and the brain, expect certain things to be the same all the time.

We expect the sun to rise and set. We expect to find certain things consistent in our reality.

I think expecting something to be so can be a very powerful place to be.

Not long after, I was listening to Abraham (if you’ve never listened to Abraham or read about The Law of Attraction, you must!) and Abraham said, “The power of expectancy is one of the most powerful energies you can have.”

I know this to be true. A few days later, I picked up a copy of Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles. What a great book!

In this book, which I was turned on to by watching him on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, Jack, the creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, lays out all the spiritual laws in this one book. It’s really inspiring.

My coaching and guidance in my readings is fueled by the Law of Attraction. I didn’t intend for it to be this way, but when I’m channeling guidance on behalf of another, these spiritual laws come through. I’m a firm believer in these laws because they’re what I know to be true via my readings.

As best-selling author Lynne McTaggart writes: Where attention goes, energy flows. Where intention goes, energy flows.

This means that wherever we put our expectancy, or our attention, is what we will create and experience. It’s very powerful to ‘act as if’ and just proceed in life expecting something to work out the way we desire, whether or not we have physical proof that it seems likely or possible.

This is how we live a spiritual life. We put attention on the spiritual power we have, on the unseen, and not just the body or the physical reality. We put faith in a higher power and channel our attention and energy toward that which we desire, and we stop complaining, resisting, or focusing on that which we don’t want.

This is the power of intention, and was a major focus of the book, The Secret. That we use deliberate thought to manifest what we want.

It’s a three step process:

Step one: Ask for what you want.

Step two: Expect it to come, believe.

Step Three: Receive. Act upon the opportunities that show up.


In Jack’s book, he shares the following:

Throughout history, the greatest minds and spiritual teachers have been pointing us to this truth. Consider the following:

What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” -Mark 11:24 (King James Version of the Bible)

All that we are is a result of what we have thought.” – Buddha

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he things he becomes.” – Gandhi

The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.- Winston Churchill

We become what we think about all day long.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. – Carl Jung

I’ve read these quotes before, but something about the phrase, “expect it to be so” gives me a new sense of permission, like that I can expect certain things to be, and that can actually facilitate their actualization in my life.

I recently heard Marianne Williamson say, in this incredible talk, The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships, that living a spiritual life is about changing our attitudes and our thoughts.

Einstein said it too:

The world as we have created it, is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

Sometimes, in spiritual coaching sessions or readings, we think that our guidance will be more dramatic. We think that the heavens will open and reveal to us something we’ve never heard or never thought of before. The reality is, to change our life, the actions are quite simple sounding, but, they’re profound in effect.

If we can truly have the devotion and discipline to take full ownership of our lives, and all that happens to us, and see all that we’ve created with the stance of %100 responsibility, then we have full power to choose and to change our lives.

This is the first principle Jack speaks of in his book: You’re %100 responsible for your life and all that’s in it. I believe this to be true. Otherwise, we are in victim energy, and we have no power.

The only way to have full power in our lives is to be fully accountable and responsible for what we’ve created.

This starts by changing our minds and our attitudes.

How do we do it?

  • We stop complaining, gossiping, and judging
  • We stop focusing on our perceived lack and instead use our energy to focus on what we want
  • We meditate
  • We journal
  • We vision and use our sixth sense, charkas, energy and power of our minds to see, feel and pull our new life towards us
  • We cultivate faith and belief
  • We pray for ourselves and others, we call upon a higher power and we ask for what we want and then we surrender
  • Finally, we know our purpose as being instruments of thy grace and peace and LOVE.
  • We go about the business of loving, sharing our love, and opening our hearts.

I hope you’ll join me in this spiritual endeavor. It is the answer to all you seek.

In the end, when you breathe your last breath, all you will take with you is your consciousness. You’ll incarnate in your next life with the same level of consciousness you have in this life. So what better thing to focus on, nurture and grow, then our attitude and thinking?

In the end, it’s all that matters.

Now, it’s your turn. Please leave a comment. Let me know, what’s one action you’ll take today to change your thinking, your attitude, and your focus? Write it below.




All my love,

Rachel Claire





  1. Rachel,
    This is beautiful and exactly what I need. I’m going to focus primarily on this while I work on a purge ritual I’m doing with some of my best witchy friends this week. I’m going to share this with them too! You are so special!
    Love, Jodee

    1. Thank you Jodee! So glad you found value in it. Thank you for being here, reading and commenting. I’m so glad you’ll share this with your witchy friends! 🙂 What else is possible!? xo

  2. Thank you, this information has opened my eyes to life’s greater possibilities. I will refocus my attention on what I want in my life.
    Thankful for what I have and is to come.

    1. Brenda, so glad you got value. Thank you for being here, taking the time to read and comment. I so appreciate it! Yes, what grand + glorious adventures await?!

  3. “Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true!” The origin of this saying is Aesop’s Fables, the world’s best known collection of morality tales (circa 260 BC). The first time I remember hearing this quote, I recoiled as it sounded so fear based! I then took it upon myself to rewrite that thought: “Prepare for what you wish for, as your wish shall be granted!” I sometimes struggle to follow my own advice but simple things like finding your article, Rachel Claire Haynes, helps guide me back to the ‘expectancy’ I prepare and wish for.

  4. I drew an angel card today it said, expectancy so I got online to look up the magical meaning of the word and ended up reading your article. It is a clear reminder for me to stop focusing on what I don’t want. Thank you for the reminder!

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