What am I Supposed to Be Doing with My Life?

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Does this sound like you?

  • What am I supposed to be?
  • What am I supposed to do?
  • Where am I supposed to live?
  • How am I supposed to serve?

If those thoughts, or some version of those thoughts, go through your mind, then I have an answer for you!

You’re supposed to strike the phrase “supposed” from your vocabulary!

I hear this from clients often. It’s usual for humans to wonder what we’re supposed to do, be, and have.

Yet, that’s a trap. There’s actually not anywhere to get.

That’s a relief! There’s no one else your meant to be. There’s no where else you’re supposed to be.

Consider that you’re meant to be right where you are! How do I know? You’re there.

Consider that you’re meant to be who you are right now! How do you know? You’re who you are. 

One of the biggest mistakes we make is thinking that spirituality, or life, is about getting from here to there.

There is no there, there. 

There’s no where to get.

In my opinion, it’s about anchoring in deeply to loving and knowing yourself, here and now.

It’s about honoring you, as you are, right now.

It’s about loving yourself, deepening into love, deepening into self-connection, fiercely, with total devotion and awe of who you are.

Then, from that place, you can choose. You can take actions. You can walk forward. Yet, you know that you are full up, whole, holy, loved, lovable and complete right here, right now.

I know you’ve heard this before. I know it sounds nice. I know you likely want to roll your eyes, or skim over it, or move on to check your phone.

Yet, if you could truly get what I’m saying, that would change everything.

We’re so often on to the next thing.

Seeking, seeking, seeking. Nothing much changes and we don’t really know why and we get irritated and pissed and some days we just wish we could give up, or give in and just be done with it.

Yet, the love, the joy, the fulfillment we seek is deep within our own hearts. It’s right beneath the boundary of our skin, and if we take the time to sink into it, we reach a boundless place of expansiveness, a deep connection to all that is, and from there, we get to envision and imagine our life in the most excruciatingly beautiful way.

And when we heed that, harbor that, feel that, love that, see that and believe in that, we watch it manifest into reality and we realize that we have all that we desire, and we never left right here, right now.

We simply went deeper in, ever, ever, deeper in, until we realize we’re not supposed to be anything other than in touch with who and what we truly are, right here, right now, always.

To anchor into you right now, get your free guided meditation and start feel more centered + connected to who you are now, right now.

All my love,


Rachel Claire

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