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I love creating content for my clients and followers. Specifically, meditations, and inspiring materials that might strike a chord in your heart + mind + encourage you to take time for self-care, connect to the present moment, be inspired, tap into your own intuition + dream a bigger vision for your life.

My work in the world is all about assisting people in letting go of what’s not working. Why carry the past, or old pain, or other people’s energy?

Life’s too short and there are simple tools you can use to clean and clear your space. If your’e sensitive, intuitive, or empathic (we all are!) then you’re likely taking on other people’s pain.

If you’re a healer type, you’re likely taking on other people’s pain and trying to heal it. If your’e doing this unconsciously, then you might be experiencing stress, anxiety, or physical pain that’s NOT YOURS!

Being psychic + clairvoyant means that we see with the eyes of spirit. That we tune in to our other senses beyond our main and interpret information.

If you’d like to do this more consciously, if you’d like to heal yourself and others, if you’d like to use your energy with more awareness, intention and purpose, then I’ve created a new awesome space just for you!

I’ve created a library full of resources for intuitives, entrepreneurs and energy workers, anyone really who is ready to connect deeply within and work with their energy.

You’ll find the following:

  • Guided meditations
  • Inspiring reports
  • Free podcasts, calls and teleseminars
  • My favorite resources
  • Tips for living a life you love!

…and more!  All in one convenient place!

If you’d like access to this library, click here.

I promise you if you check it out and engage with some of these meditations, you’ll feel lighter, clearer, and uplifted!

Thank you so much for joining me here + check back regularly, as I’ll always keep updating!


Rachel Claire

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