Motivation for When Your Spirit is Struggling

Motivation for When Your Spirit is Struggling

I finally watched the movie Joy. For many months I’ve had the urge to watch it, but kept resisting.

When I tuned in, I met a woman named Joy who was hustling to care for her family + her daughter. She had an idea. And like they often do,  a lot of people told her no. They told her to go home. Take care of your family, they said.

She showed up. Stood up for herself. She wouldn’t take no for an answer.

She got successful quickly. And then, people stole her idea, created a patent and ruined her business.

Those around her shamed her. Blamed her. Told her what she was must now do: declare bankruptcy by taking help from bankruptcy lawyers, sell her house. Get more info here just by clicking on the website at

She had a melt down. She lost faith. She cried and destroyed her own drawings and sketchings, right in front of her daughter. Then, she told her daughter to give up faith.

In the next scene, we see our heroine cut her hair. A symbol of the past, of power, of change.

We know in this moment that who she has been is no more, it’s a new game. The rules have changed.

What happened to Joy on a large scale represents what happens for many of us in small ways, daily, in our families. We have an idea, a desire, a wish, and then we fail.

We believe others over ourselves. We doubt and feel fear. We second guess ourselves. We think we messed up and maybe we’re wrong.

In the psychic world it’s called seniority.

We are no longer senior in our space. This means that we are not the highest, most dominant energy in our own space- someone or something else is.

Joy cuts her hair, and comes into her own, she takes matters into her own hands, heads out to a different state to fix what was broken. As the say in the movie, “She brought the hammer down.”

She went on achieve much success. She is rich + famous. All because of her perseverance + unwillingness to accept other people’s limiting energy as the truth of her reality.

And, she didn’t let other people’s limiting beliefs influence her own vision for success. She kept on believing in herself, and didn’t take what other people said was possible for her, to heart.

How often have you given up on yourself?

How often do you ask others what they think? How often do other people give you advice + you follow that above your own intuition?

So often we are influenced by those close to us. It’s hard to hear our own wisdom in the whisperings of those around us.

I remember when I decided to leave my teaching career after seven years full-time, I needed to hear only my own knowing, so I went to a 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat to shut out all the noise.

When I emerged from that retreat, I was a new woman, and I knew clearly what I had to do.

It is vital in this day and age that we create silent space for us to be alone, meditate, dream, journal, and hear our own internal wisdom.

Now, more than ever, we must pull away from being controlled by the media or those around us, and find truth + wisdom in our own, rich heart.

Staying connected to Self, knowing what you truly desire, believing in your own dreams are the signs of an awakened woman. We must have practices, we must cultivate time to relate to our inner world.

If we are to dream big, accomplish what we desire, and live the life we’ve imagined, we must learn to be senior in our space- we must learn to not lose our center, not give up, and not take what other’s think is possible as markers of what’s available for us.

To your dreams, your big visions, and quiet spaces where you can hear the whispers of your own heart!

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Rachel Claire

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