My Favorite New Year Planning Tool

Leonie Dawson's Planners
When I first started my business it was on a hope + a prayer and over my kitchen table. 

I didn’t know the first thing about being a sole proprietor, or an LLC, or how in the world you track money in business.

Then, I found Leonie Dawson’s planners. My life changed. (I’m not kidding.)

I remember using up all the ink on my computer to print out her entire biz planner in color.

Then, I sat down on the floor with colored pens and for the first time ever, I actually looked at my biz + completed the year + set goals.

And it sucked.

It was so frustrating. I didn’t really have any packages. I didn’t have any “best selling offers” and I didn’t have a whole lotta’ income to track. I honestly hadn’t tracked any at all.

However, moving forward, I used the planners again the next year,and then the one after that, and now I knew what to look for, what to track, how to pay attention to numbers + stats and what my clients bought, enjoyed + loved.

And, I got to play with all of this on the most creative, colorful, feminine planners I’d ever seen in my life!

Now, I look forward to New Year’s Eve because I know I’m going to sit down + get right with myself, my life + my biz. I’m going to see how my social media has grown by exact numbers. I’ll track growth of sales over the years. I’ll clearly see my income and then I’ll put out the previous year’s planners + see my growth.

I’ve even opted to stay home on NYE (gleefully!) to complete the previous year + set goals for the New Year.

And…I love it! It’s the best ritual ever! I celebrate!

And best of all, I feel like a powerful woman, fully engaged and present with my reality, my finances, my biz + my life!

And, nothing is better than that!

So, whether or not you have a biz, if you have goals, dreams, or a desire to really look at your world and see your growth + change over time, then I highly suggest these planners.

I’m an affiliate of Leonie’s because I know the power of transformation that they hold, first hand. I hope you’ll check them out + use my link.

To get yours, click here. 

And leave me a comment and let me know if you do + if you love them too! I know you will! As Leonie says, most people don’t even make goals, let alone write them down + revisit them.

What would that make possible if you were doing what most people don’t do? What could you create if you made clear goals, wrote them down, and kept them some place where you could see them?

Do you think your life might change? I know it would!

Don’t wait another year to go after your BIG dreams. Do it now!


To your success,
Rachel Claire

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