Sisters: You Have Permission to Rest

How to Live a Life of Synchronicities, Flow and Miracles

A common theme I hear amongst clients or women in my Facebook group is about feeling disappointed, frustrated or concerned about lacking energy.

If we feel a dip in the afternoon, we want to fix it. If we feel a dip around our moon time, we wonder how to change it.

I get it. It’s a fast-paced world and we have many demands in any given day.

However, it’s vital that we women begin to hold space for feminine energy practices. Part of the return of honoring the feminine in all of us is honoring being still, and receiving.

The modern world is masculine.

This means that we’re expected to be busy, to take action, to go out and seek what we desire. Hunt. Kill. Conquer.

However, that’s not the way the feminine energy works. Not at all!

We be still. We’re receptive. We heal by virtue of having our own cups full. We allow all to come to us.

So, here’s what I want to say to you if you struggle with the world’s expectation that you always be busy, always be productive, always feel like taking action.

Start to notice this desire. Notice the voice (critic) in your mind who drives you. Notice that intense push and see if you can start to come to peace with it. See if you can begin to counter that voice with the truth.

The truth is, it’s vital and important to rest. Look to nature and her cycles and rhythms. There’s a time for action and there’s a time for rest.

You can begin by tuning into the moon cycles. Setting intentions during the new moon. Celebrating was you’ve reaped during the full moon.

Tracking your moon time on your calendar and noticing the cycles that happen for you. What if you began to schedule down time the week before your moon starts- knowing that you’ll likely feel more moody and need more rest.

As women, we can sit and meditate and rest and dream and this actually calls the energy toward us of what we desire. Then, we can receive it as it arrives and take it in.

So many women are not nurturing themselves enough. A great mantra is: What would nurture me now?

To nourish our selves we can take baths. Anoint ourselves with energy essential oil blends. Massage our feet and body. Lather ourselves in oil. Brush our skin. Drink tea. Journal. Record our dreams.

We must begin to bring awareness to that action is not the only way to create. We must honor that receiving is one half of giving. We must stand for feminine arts and rituals and allow ourselves to marinate in them.

We, the women, must educate, teach and model these behaviors so we can begin to bring light to the world.

If you’d like to start connecting more deeply with yourself, if you’d like to be more present, and in tune with your healing abilities and intuition, then consider joining my How to Heal Yourself Teleclass starting soon.

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All my love,


Rachel Claire

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